Medi-Select Advantage - August 2017

Plan Highlights
  • Vacation Plans for trips up to 30 days up to age 79 with Simplified Application process

  • Public Service Healthcare Plan upgrade available for purchase, supplementing your existing plan to $5,000,000 emergency medical coverage.

  • The Treated definition does not include Investigative Testing, like some other plans, which makes this plan more competitive in that area for some.

Southern Odyssey - Effective July 2017

Plan Highlights
  • Upgrade to a "Plus" plan to reduce the stability clause to 90 days from 180 or 365 days, or 30 days down from 90 days, and include the Trip Break and Pet Return benefits

  • Vacation Plans for shorter trips with Simplified Application process

  • Reduced Surcharge for Asthma compared to other Lung/Respiratory Conditions

  • Can be purchased after departure from home province