Travel Insurance for Fall and Winter 2021

Travel Insurance for Fall and Winter 2021

It’s exciting to think that there is a possibility that with the vaccination rollouts and the hope of the full reopening of the economy, travelling like we used to might be right around the corner! It’s no wonder many people are looking into travel insurance for Fall and Winter 2021.

We are as excited as you are to get back to travelling. And we want to help you get prepared for your trip as much as we can!

We would be pleased to provide you with a quote for your travel, no matter how far out your tentative plans might be. Here are a couple of things you should know:

Ball Park Quotes

While we are happy to provide quotes for travel into the future, they are really just ballpark quotes this far out. We are restricted by how far we can book those policies, so if you are looking for prices now, then please request a quote through our DIY quoting system at, or by calling our office at 1-800-661-3098, but know that we can only provide ballpark figures for trips that are more than three months from today’s date.

COVID Coverage

You need to consider whether you will want COVID coverage at the time of your travel or not. Part of the reason why getting a quote early is a challenge is that no one knows when the travel advisory might be lifted. If the travel advisory is lifted before your departure, we expect COVID to be covered the same as any other condition. If a travel advisory is still in place, we have many options that include COVID coverage as a specifically included benefit.

Get Back in Touch for an update

If you get a quote more than three months in advance of your tentative travel dates, you will want to get back in touch with us when your travel is within three months from now so that we can update your quote.

We want you to have the best coverage and price available once we are close enough to your travel date to finalize your policy. Better options may be available in a few months, so one should not assume that what we quoted you first is still the best option.

A lot could change between now and then

Insurance companies historically update their products in spring and summer, so if you call in the fall, things could look quite different than what they look like today.

Update: Watch for our Race to the Border Sale starting in mid-july!


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