Travel like the Pandemic is over!!!

travel like the pandemic is over

Travel like the Pandemic is over!!!

We are as excited to get back to travelling as you are! There is a lot of buzz around whether the border restrictions will be lifted in July. We hope they are, and we are preparing for when they finally are lifted! We have spent the last 15 months dreaming of and preparing for this day!

We have been working on brand new online functionality as well as new products to cover your post-border restrictions, and with some new limited-time rates.

That said, these products are not available yet. But they should be available soon!

The top two reasons to wait until our mid-July sale announcement to get a quote:

  • We expect to have BRAND NEW products that will feature early bird rates, so there is a chance the prices you get LATER, might be better than the prices you receive from us today for your trip in the fall.
  • We expect to have products that will be improved to provide either no additional cost for COVID coverage (once the Canadian Government Travel Advisory is lifted), or reduced cost if you have been fully vaccinated, which is an improvement over current plans and current rates if you still want or need COVID coverage.

Check back soon, as we expect to have our new products by mid-July!!!

Happy Planning!!


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