Will another travel advisory force you to return to Canada early?

In the event of a travel advisory being placed on your destination, having a COVID rider on your policy will allow you to stay at destination without interrupting your trip or your coverage

Due to the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, there is an increased risk that Canada may have to issue travel advisories for countries abroad. Travellers who have not yet purchased travel insurance should consider adding a COVID rider to their policy in order to reduce their chances of having to return home.

Travel insurance policies typically require you to return home within 10 days if there is a travel advisory at your destination. Remember back in March 2020 when you had 10 days to get home before your coverage ended abruptly? A number of plans, however, offer the option of adding an inexpensive add-on that not only offers additional coverage in the event of catching COVID but also allows policyholders to remain at their destination without affecting their coverage.

If you are concerned about new travel advisories cutting short your trip, a COVID rider may provide extra peace of mind. Our advice is that all travellers should purchase this type of coverage along with their travel insurance.