Why You Really Do Need Travel Insurance In Mexico

It is a common belief among travellers that medical care in Mexico is affordable and that their provincial healthcare plan will cover any medical expenses they may face while there. Consequently, they may not feel the need to purchase travel insurance. However, this assumption can be a risky and potentially expensive mistake. The cost of … Continued

Your Guide to Travel Insurance for Trips in Canada

Part 1: Your Guide to Travel Insurance for Trips in Canada for Canadians Travelling to Another Province The summer camping season is almost here, and it’s a great time for Canadians to enjoy the warm weather. Many of us will be packing our tents and heading out to explore the natural beauty of our country. … Continued

A Helpful Guide to Trip Cancellation Insurance

We all know that emergency travel medical insurance is a must-have when travelling. But have you heard of trip cancellation and interruption insurance? This type of insurance covers your travel investment if something unexpected prevents you from going on your trip or forces you to return home early. So, when should you think about getting … Continued

Avoid Denied Claims: Disclose Your Medical History When Buying Travel Insurance

Travelling is an exciting adventure and a chance to escape cold winters that many people look forward to. However, when it comes to travelling, it’s essential to take precautions, and one of them is to have travel insurance that includes coverage for pre-existing conditions. Having the right coverage for your pre-existing conditions protects you against … Continued

12 Reasons to Use Medi-Quote for Your Travel Insurance

While there are many places you can purchase travel insurance, using a travel insurance broker offers many benefits that other providers do not. Here are 12 reasons to use Medi-Quote for your Travel Insurance. 1 We have a variety of travel insurance plans to suit your needs Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure, or … Continued

New Client Portal Upgrades

We are committed to improving our client’s online experience.  We are always working toward building a better way to do things.  Recently, we have added the following features: Automated policy issuance and fulfillment when purchasing online through our Client Portal; We can now capture payments for more policies online than ever before; You can SAVE … Continued

Will another travel advisory force you to return to Canada early?

In the event of a travel advisory being placed on your destination, having a COVID rider on your policy will allow you to stay at destination without interrupting your trip or your coverage Due to the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, there is an increased risk that Canada may have to issue travel advisories … Continued

Travel like the Pandemic is over!!!

Travel like the Pandemic is over!!! We are as excited to get back to travelling as you are! There is a lot of buzz around whether the border restrictions will be lifted in July. We hope they are, and we are preparing for when they finally are lifted! We have spent the last 15 months … Continued

Travel Insurance for Fall and Winter 2021

It’s exciting to think that there is a possibility that with the vaccination rollouts and the hope of the full reopening of the economy, travelling like we used to might be right around the corner! It’s no wonder many people are looking into travel insurance for Fall and Winter 2021. We are as excited as … Continued