What happens if you leave before your travel insurance starts?

You are packed up. Ready to go. BUT your travel insurance policy doesn’t start until tomorrow? Oh well, it shouldn’t matter, it’s only one day sooner – Why not just go? Well, in the insurance world it does matter. If you leave earlier than when your policy is set to start, it will invalidate your … Continued

About Travel Advisories and Travel Insurance

These are unprecedented times as we never thought we would see the day when we would see a world-wide travel advisory issued by the Canadian Government.  It’s scary – we know.  I imagine when you bought your emergency health insurance you didn’t realize that a travel advisory would affect your coverage. We want to be … Continued

Travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic

We are as excited to get back to travelling as you are. Things have changed since the world is now in the middle of a pandemic. And there are things you need to know if you plan to travel far and wide despite the challenges, risks and warnings. Vaccinations As COVID vaccinations begin to roll … Continued

Why you should seek pre-approval when using your travel insurance

By Pam Langevin, Senior Broker, Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers You have reached your destination, unpacked and are now experiencing some much needed R & R. But wait, you are not feeling well and you decide that seeing a doctor might be a good idea. Travel Insurance policies in Canada only cover medical emergencies. However some emergencies … Continued

So You’ve Had a Travel Insurance Claim…. Now what?

By Pam Langevin, Senior Broker We often hear from clients who want good coverage and peace of mind knowing they won’t have any surprises in the event of a claim while on holidays. In Canada, where the health care system is funded through taxes, health care is not something we are used to spending money … Continued

Things to Keep in Mind When Completing Your Insurance Medical Questionnaire

Medical Questionnaires are a requirement for many insurance policies. With a little pre-planning, filling out the medical questionnaire can be an easy process. First of all, it’s important to understand how an insurance company will use the information you provide to them in the medical questionnaire. Insurance companies use a medical questionnaire to determine 3 … Continued

How Medical Underwriting for Travel Insurance Works

The medical underwriting process gives travellers who may not be eligible for standard travel insurance products, the option to be individually assessed and priced for a policy. Offered by some travel insurance companies, it’s the perfect option for anyone who is unsure of their medical conditions, or has received a medical diagnosis from their doctor. … Continued

Travelling with a Pet – Does Your Policy Include Pet Return Coverage?

Many people these days are bringing a pet when traveling south for the winter. Having your best friend with you can make a long trip much more enjoyable. Plus, you wouldn’t want your precious pooch freezing his tail off or cooped-up inside while you’re living it up in the great outdoors in beautiful weather. For … Continued

How Changes in Medication Affect Your Insurance Coverage

Changes in medication will have an effect on the stability period of the condition the medication is taken for. Any change in medication can be considered a change in treatment. It is important to notify your broker of all medication changes, no matter what kind it is. When it comes to travel insurance, an increase … Continued