Medi-Quote in the News

Travel insurance has been talked about a lot in the media since the start of Fall 2020. The pandemic has certainly slowed down the amount of travel, but travel never stopped completely. As the weather turned cold, many Canadian snowbirds decided to travel to warmer climates despite the pandemic. Naturally, travel insurance would be extra important with the threat of COVID ever-present. It can be difficult to get the right information to consumers, and that’s why our own Lori Yorke has been eager to speak with the media when the subject of travel insurance during the pandemic has come up.

As a 20 year veteran in the industry, Lori Yorke knows the ins-and-outs of travel insurance like few others. She speaks regularly to large groups and talks to snowbirds on a daily basis, making her a great person to speak to the media about travel insurance and issues surrounding snowbirds.

Lori was interviewed by CTV News about the new travel and quarantine requirements announced by the federal government in late January. She is quoted in a news article on the CTV site and appeared on the CTV Winnipeg News at 6 on February 2nd for their story about the new rules. Click Here for Video

Lori Yorke, Medi-Quote Senior Broker and Owner
Lori Yorke appears on the CTV Winnipeg News at 6 on February 2nd, 2021

Back in October, Lori also appeared on CJOB Radio for an interview about travel insurance and COVID coverage. Click here to listen to the interview on YouTube