Inter-Provincial Travel Insurance

Worry-Free Travel Outside Your Home Province

Enjoy the many rich experiences travel within Canada has to offer without worrying about the financial burden or stress of an emergency whether you canoe the streams in British Columbia or hike the backcountry trails in Ontario.

We provide insurance that fills gaps not covered by your provincial health insurance

There are circumstances where your provincial health insurance will not provide coverage or only partial coverage. For instance, a medical evacuation when you can’t get yourself back to the road.

Air Ambulance Coverage

Out-of-province travel insurance includes coverage for air ambulance services, which is often not a covered expense when outside your home province. It is vital to have coverage for medical evacuation when doing activities like camping or hiking, where there is a risk of being injured while far away from roads and cities. Time can be an important factor when treating injury or illness. Don’t leave your health to chance.

Coverage Options

Each situation is unique and requires specific benefits to ensure you’ll have the coverage you need, where and when you need it. We can build many components of insurance coverage into your customized plan. Learn more about us.

Coverage for Covid-19Coverage for COVID-19

Coverage for Pre-Existing
Medical Conditions
Top-Ups & Extensions
7-Day Stability
Buy-Down Options
All-Inclusive Plans
Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Unexpected travel delays and cancellations can make travel worrisome and financially challenging. We can provide peace of mind during challenging times with coverage for:

  • Cancellation of a non-refundable trip due to a medical issue that precludes travel
  • Delay during a trip that causes you financial loss
  • Interruption of a trip due to an emergency at home
  • Lost or delayed baggage during a trip
  • Pre-existing conditions

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Special Circumstances? We May Be Able To Help

Sometimes there are things that come up in life that don’t fit the mould of conventional travel insurance policies. Perhaps you need coverage for professional sports or pregnancy, or you’ll be travelling to a war-torn country that could pose additional risks not covered in regular travel insurance policies.