Medical Tourism Coverage

Specialized Medical Travel Benefits

While the risks of medical complications from highly qualified providers are low, all surgical procedures carry certain risks and complications can and do occur. We are proud to partner with Custom Assurance Placements Ltd., which administers the Global Protective Solutions (GPS) program to provide medical tourism coverage. GPS is the worldwide leader in providing risk mitigation solutions and protection benefits specifically for international medical travellers.

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Medical Tourism Coverage You Can Trust

The Global Protective Solutions programs have been protecting international medical and dental travelers and their travel companions since 2008. International medical travel requires unique and specialized protection, which standard travel insurance policies usually exclude or do not address. Participation is available on a worldwide basis.

The primary area of benefits cover two broad areas:

Additional Medical / Surgical Treatment as a result of a Complication Travel Cancellation in Exceptional Circumstances
Additional Expenses for Travel, Meals & Accommodations as a result of a Complication Travel Delay and Loss of Baggage
Travel Companion Coordination – Additional Expenses Travel, Meals and Accommodations Emergency Medical Coverage related to Travel Activities
Accidental Death Accidental Death
Emergency Transportation / Medical Repatriation Repatriation of Mortal Remains
24 Hour – Emergency Medical Assistance Service and more… and much more…

The above provides only a brief overview of benefits and services available to enrolled participants

  • Medical complication benefits are in place for 6 months (180 days) after the elective procedure. A complication must occur and be diagnosed within this timeframe
  • Additional medical or surgical treatment for a covered complication must occur within 270 days from the original surgery date
  • Medical complications can be treated in your home country or in the country where the procedure was originally performed

Global Protective Solutions

Offering The Needed Protection Where

  • Standard Travel Insurance Usually Excludes Medical Travelers & Their Companions
  • Your Private or National Health Insurance Usually Does Not Provide Benefits When You are Abroad
  • Private Health Insurance is Unlikely to Cover Complications Related to Elective Surgery
  • Employer Health or Travel Benefits usually Exclude Elective Surgery and Treatments

All medical travel and procedures carry a certain amount of risk, known and unknown. Complications and accidents can and do occur. Your enrollment in a Global Protective Solutions program helps lessen the significant financial risks and burden that may arise, from those sustained from elective treatment or travel-related activities.

Ease your mind in knowing that you can receive outstanding medical care at reasonable prices and enjoy the added protection of specialized coverage afforded by the Global Protective Solutions program.