Top 10 Reasons to use a Medi-Quote Travel Insurance Broker

While there are many places you can purchase travel insurance, using a travel insurance broker offers many benefits that other providers do not. Here are the top 10 reasons to use a Medi-Quote Travel Insurance Broker

1 We offer many different travel insurance plans

We offer numerous plans from quality travel insurance providers at fair prices that serve the different needs of our clients, depending on the situation. One call is all you need to get the best option available to you and to ensure all your pre-existing conditions are covered.

2 We work with the best providers in the business

We only work with the best travel insurance providers. If a company is not meeting the needs of our clients, we will not deal with them. We will only deal with reputable travel insurance companies who pay claims and treat our clients well.

3 We offer assistance and advocacy when dealing with claims

We help you with the claims process and advocate on your behalf if you ever have a problem with a claim. Even after you’ve purchased we are here to work on your behalf! If you buy direct from the insurance company, you have no intermediary to assist you.

4 We are experts with many years of experience

We have a dedicated team of licensed travel insurance brokers, who are available by phone or email. We answer all your questions and discuss your situation to find the right travel insurance for you. We have highlighted our experience before in the past, it’s a huge advantage to use us over the other guys. Trust us, we know travel insurance better than anyone.

5 We help you avoid the many potential pitfalls that come with doing your own research

There are many factors that make one travel insurance plan different from another. There are limitations and restrictions, as well as maximums and deductibles. There are eligibility criteria and qualification requirements. Unless your coverage is set up appropriately based on your medical history, you may risk losing coverage. Don’t become one of those tragic stories you’ve heard. Let us help you.

6 We take the time to understand your situation and needs

Each time someone calls in for a quote for travel insurance, our brokers do a full one-on-one consultation to ensure that we understand their needs in full and have all the specific information about their medical history that we need to provide an accurate recommendation for the travel insurance for their next trip. This is the best way to ensure we are providing the best coverage and best price based on our client’s unique needs. Rushing into a policy could be a costly mistake.

7 We track your medical history

We track your medical history each time you deal with us. This ensures you are appropriately covered for your particular medical conditions. Your health information is stored in our secure database, so all you need to do is update us annually if anything changes.

8 We let you cancel for any reason for a full refund before your effective date

We offer a no-risk, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee if you need to cancel your policy prior to the effective date for ANY REASON.

9 We have no hidden fees!

We don’t charge fees for cancellations or date changes. Some travel insurance companies charge lots of fees for simple things like changing your travel dates, or for cancelling your policy before it even starts! We have no hidden fees! What you pay for is insurance, and that’s it!

10 We offer early return refunds

You may be eligible for an Early Return Refund if you return home early from your trip and still have unused coverage days left (subject to certain conditions).