Travel Insurance Polaroid

At Medi-Quote Insurance brokers we pride ourselves on our collective knowledge and experience with travel insurance. A recent internal survey found that our team of 15 brokers and 3 admin have a collective 100 years working in travel insurance and over 300 years working in customer service. Our numbers are few, but our collective ability is immense.

Each broker has not only his or her own experience to draw upon, but also that of their teammates. Chances are that if a situation arises, someone on our team has encountered it before, and we know how to handle it. When situations do arise that we are unsure about, we communicate with the insurance companies for clarification and then document what we learn for future reference.

Travel insurance seems simple to understand on the surface, but really is anything but simple. It’ actually s a very complex system involving foreign hospitals that try to make a profit, foreign currencies that fluctuate, and insurance companies that need to collect enough revenue to pay their claims. Meanwhile, consumers primarily focus on price as the main concern when shopping for travel insurance. Being price conscious is smart, because there is a competitive travel insurance market in Canada and there is a lot of variaition in rates. We only sell great plans from providers you can trust, and have the expertise with each plan to get you covered and at a hugely competitive price.

Pre-existing medical conditions complicate the situation when shopping for insurance. When you buy insurance to cover for example, a heart conditions, you would want to feel confident that should something go wrong with your heart that you'd be covered for your emergency medical expenses. What you want to avoid is purchasing insurance from someone who doesn't have the experience necessary to recognize when you don't qualify for a plan. A lot of people out there will happily sell you a useless piece of paper and call it travel insurance. We are different because we take the time, and our goal is to really make sure that you're covered.