Covid-19 Information for Travel Insurance Clients - Medi-Quote

Covid-19 Information for Travel Insurance Clients

Requesting a Quote during the Travel Advisory

Dear Loyal Clients,  Unfortunately, it is too early to quote for Fall and Winter travel yet.  If you are actually planning travel for the summer and need coverage, please request a quote by going to our Client Portal and making your Request online.  With reduced staff, priority is given to requests made online.

How to Request a quote online:

Go to

Log in using your email address and password.  If you have forgot your password, or don’t know it, please press forgot password.

If you have gotten a quote or a policy from us in the last 12 years, you are already registered and there is no need to register again.

Click “Request a Quote” and answer all the questions to the best of your ability.  Once submitted, someone will look at your request as soon as possible.

We are giving quotes for:

  • Visitors to Canada
  • SuperVisas
  • Expatriate Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation insurance
  • Regular Travel Medical Insurance – but not for fall and winter travel

Update March 24, 12:01 PM CDT:


We’re currently working through all of your requests as they arrive, and we’ll get back to you within the following timeframes. Please be aware you may not hear back from us immediately with the current Covid-19 crisis as it unfolds, but rest assured we will get back to you as soon as we are able.  It won’t be in the timeframe in which you are used to, or in which you deserve, but we will do our best for you given our new normal.

For a QUOTE, please submit a request to us online at (you may have to create a profile if you’re not a returning client), and follow the “Request a Quote” prompts after signing in. We’ll respond to all requests as quickly as we can.

If you’re submitting a REQUEST TO CANCEL a policy which has not yet started, or if you’re returned from a trip early and enquiring after a refund for unused days, you must access our Client Portal to submit these requests online.

To submit EARLY RETURN REFUND, please go to and login using your email address and password. If you cannot recall your password, please click “Forgot my Password” and follow the prompts to reset it.

Once logged in you can go to the “My Policies” tab and select “Upload Request to Cancel or Proof of Early Return”, submit your request and we’ll get back to you within 30 business days.

If you require COPIES of your documentation for travel, or for income tax purposes, you’ll be able to find them at under the “My Policies” tab, where you can download printable copies.

For GENERAL EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE, we’ll get back to you within ten business days.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this difficult time together.

The Team at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers

Update March 23, 11:57 AM CDT: Please think twice before calling the Assistance Center number on your wallet card. That line is reserved for people who are having legitimate medical emergencies. We are ready to respond to your enquiries and thank you for your patience as we respond to more messages than usual.

Update March 19 10:12 AM CDT: Our Calgary and Winnipeg offices are now closed due to the Corona Virus: Out of an abundance of caution for our clients and staff, we have decided to close both of our offices until further notice. Our staff are working from home and here to support you over the phone and through email. We thank you for your patience during these difficult times.

Update March 19 9:59 AM CDT: Update to anyone looking to cancel an annual plan: We are unable to cancel and refund an annual plan if it has already started. We are only able to cancel and refund annual plans if they have not started yet. You will still be able to use your annual plan once you are able to travel again.

Update March 17 8:00 AM CDT: Communication from Industrial Allliance – IA (Southern Odyssey, Southern Elements, The Escape Plan): Industrial Alliance have released a statement regarding Covid-19 stating “Your travel insurance policy includes an exclusion relating to cases where a global Travel Advisory has been issued. Based on the original policy, COVID-19 would not be covered following the recent Travel Advisory on March 13th, 2020. However, until further notice and as a gesture of goodwill, if the travel advisory or formal notice was issued after your departure date, we will continue to cover for COVID-19 related claims for a period of 10 days after the announcement (March 13th, 2020) to allow enough time for arrangements for travel back to Canada.”

If you are on one of these plans, your coverage for Covid-19 related illnesses will expire on March 23rd at Midnight.

“There will be no restrictions to coverage of medical emergencies not related to COVID-19. We will cover these claims for the entire duration of the trip subject to the standard contract exclusions.”

Click here to read the full release from Industrial Alliance

Update March 16 12:39 AM CDT (High call and email volume): We are dealing with a high number of calls , emails and voicemails from over the weekend. We are responding to your messages in the order they were received. If you have already emailed or left a message you can rest assured that we will be getting back to you soon.

Update March 16: 9:47 AM CDT (Calgary office closure): We have decided to close our Calgary office and have all of our staff work from home in order to limit exposure to Covid-19. Our Winnipeg office remains open, with a limited staff. Please limit in-person visits whenever possible, and call us at 1-800-661-3098 instead of making a trip to see us.

Important update: March 13, 2020Canadians Advised to Come Home As Soon As Possible

The government of Canada has updated it’s website to advise Canadians to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice.THIS ADVISORY AFFECTS YOUR MEDICAL COVERAGE THROUGH US. Since it is advising Canadians to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada, if you are currently outside of Canada, the best advice is to return to Canada as soon as possible to avoid having a claim for the COVID-19 that wouldn’t be covered. Unfortunately, our office is closed for the weekend, but we will be here to answer your questions on Monday morning.

Update: March 11, 2020

Dear valued clients of Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers,

We wanted to give you some guidance on how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting the coverage of your travel insurance policy with us.

The Canadian government issues a formal notification advising Canadians whether they should travel or not to certain destinations. If they advise Canadians to avoid non-essential or to avoid all travel to certain country, region, city or area, this will affect your coverage. Please go to the following website to see if the destination you are concerned with is on the list:

Medical Insurance

If one of the warnings listed above is issued for your destination, and you decide to travel to that destination anyway, then your policy will NOT cover you. If you were at your destination prior to the warning being issued, then normally, your coverage may be limited to medical care for conditions unrelated to the reason for the advisory. Please check your individual policy wording. If you are planning a cruise, you should call us to determine how your policy will be affected by this.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

If you have trip cancellation insurance and you cancel your trip because of a Canadian Government Advisory warning Canadians not to travel to your destination, please call us for details about your specific situation.

Please note that it is very important, as always, to read your policy and know the in’s and out’s of what it says. You are required to call ahead to the insurance company before seeking medical attention at all times and whenever possible.

The most important advice at this time is to continue to practice good etiquette by using hand sanitizer, washing your hands often, avoiding touching of your face, and wear masks if you have germs that should be kept to yourself.

We wish you all safe travels.

The Team at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers

Communications from our suppliers

On this page we will be sharing information from suppliers and other trusted sources about the Covid-19 virus and travel insurance.

Official communications on Covid-19 from our travel insurance partners and suppliers as they become available.

Industrial Alliance – IA (Southern Odyssey, Southern Elements)

Important clarifications related to coronavirus from Industrial Alliance

Group Medical Services – GMS

GMS Update – March 16

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Taking care of clients as events unfold


Manulife Update – March 16

March 13th COVID-19 Govt Travel Advisory Avoid Non Essential Travel

Zurich – Southern Bound

Update March 16 – Coverage expiring March 23rd

Allianz Travel Insurance

Important clarifications related to coronavirus from Allianz Global Assistance in Canada (posted 3-14-2020)

Important coverage updates and clarifications related to coronavirus from Allianz Global Assistance in Canada

U.S. Coverage Alert – 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please help us limit in-person appointments at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers

Almost all of our clients are either about to travel, or have recently returned from travel. To limit the risk of infection to our staff, and to other travellers, we ask that you reconsider coming to our offices while the Covid-19 virus remains a high risk for people travelling.

At the moment we are still offering in-person appointments in our Winnipeg and Calgary offices, but we are encouraging clients whenever possible to deal with us on the phone and online rather than coming to see us in-person.

How to contact us or access information during Covid-19 without coming for an appointment:

#1 – By Phone

There is always the option of calling us on the phone. Our brokers are there to take your calls from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time at 1-800-661-3098.

#2 – Email

Emailing our email address is good way to get in touch with us. We can always make sure something gets to the right place when you email this address.

#3 – Our Client Portal

  • View and update your personal information
  • Request a quote prepared by a broker or use our DIY quoter
  • Complete your medical questionnaires, and enter your payment information
  • Access your policy documents 24/7, 365 days a year

Click here to go to our Client Portal

#4 – The Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers App for iPhone or Android

  • View your quote information
  • Complete your medical questionnaire and submit your payment information
  • Access your policy documents and digital wallet cards

You can search for the app in your App store, by searching “Medi-Quote”. Be sure to include the dash “Medi-Quote”.

Click here to download the Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers App if you are on a iPhone or iPad.

Click here to download the Med-Quote Insurance Brokers App if you are on an Android phone or tablet.