How Medical Underwriting for Travel Insurance Works

How medical underwriting for travel insurance works is relatively straightforward. The medical underwriting process gives travellers who may not be eligible for standard travel insurance products, the option to be individually assessed and priced for a policy. Offered by some travel insurance companies, it’s the perfect option for anyone who is unsure of their medical … Continued

How Changes in Medication Affect Your Travel Insurance

If you have pre-existing medical conditions and use travel insurance, you will want to know how changes in medication affect your insurance coverage. Changes in medication will have an effect on the stability period of the condition the medication is taken for. Any change in medication can be considered a change in treatment. It is … Continued

How Pre-Existing Conditions Impact Travel Insurance

It’s very important to understand how pre-existing conditions impact travel insurance because there is a lot of misinformation floating around about how pre-existing conditions are not covered at all. Sometimes people incorrectly assume that their existing conditions would not be covered by a policy. However, most of the time pre-existing conditions can be covered, as … Continued

Closer Connections Requirement for Canadians Travelling to the US

If you’re a Canadian Snowbird, you should be aware of the closer connections requirement for Canadians travelling to the US, as you can be at risk of being required to pay taxes to the IRS as a US resident if you’re down south too long. However, there is a form that you can file with … Continued

Trip Cancellation Insurance for Private Condo Rentals

For people who had difficulty getting trip cancellation insurance for private condo rentals, we have some good news! We now have plans that provide coverage for your condo rental, even if you are renting from a private individual. Until recently, insurance companies required travellers to rent condos from an agency or a company to qualify … Continued

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance Explained

Many people are not familiar with travel insurance other than emergency medical coverage. There is another important type of insurance that covers your pre-paid travel expenses against unforeseen events that cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip. Once you have trip cancellation and interruption insurance explained to you, it’s easy to understand why it … Continued

Things to Consider When Shopping for Travel Insurance

From fees to deductibles, to overall maximums, there are many things to consider when shopping for travel insurance. We often hear from clients who want good coverage and peace of mind knowing they won’t have any surprises in the event of a claim while on holiday. In Canada, where the health care system is funded … Continued

Benefits of Using A Travel Insurance Broker

While there are many places you can purchase travel insurance, but there are many benefits of using a travel insurance broker, including: Access to numerous quality travel insurance programs at fair prices. We also have some new programs this year… One call is all you need to get the best option available to you and … Continued

Money-Saving Travel Insurance Tips

We all know that travel insurance is absolutely necessary these days, and for many snowbirds, it is a major purchase and cost of travelling. We believe in helping people save money on travel insurance, so we are sharing some money-saving travel insurance tips for Canadian Snowbirds. Money-Saving Travel Insurance Tips: Annual Plans: If you take … Continued