TourMed® Travel Insurance Policy, July 12 2021

Plan Highlights

  • 8, 15 and 30 day Multi-Trip Annual Plans
  • $5 million of coverage
  • Offers coverage for COVID – see below for details, subject to medical screening
  • Reduced COVID-19 coverage Surcharge for Those fully Vaccinated
  • Very Flexible product with many options
  • Offers reduced stability options
  • Deductibles can be chosen for all coverages or hospitalization only
  • Wide age range for coverage
  • Rates are based on age at time of departure
  • Reduced stability option of 30 days for an additional premium
  • Optional exclusion for conditions that aren’t stable enough for coverage for a reduced premium
  • Pharmacy Card included
  • Email Policy confirmation or view your documents on our Smart Phone App
  • Detailed Medical Underwriting available so all clients can have access to coverage for a price
  • Personalized quotes based on the answers to your medical questions. No two prices are the same!!!

Policy Documents

Policy Wording

If COVID coverage is selected, the following benefits will be included

  • Up to CAD $700($50 per day) for perishable goods (groceries, restaurant orders) delivered during your quarantine
  • Access to virtual consultations with a physician (service only offered in the United States)
  • Automatic Extension of the policy and rider, up to 72 hours following the end of the quarantine (subject to a maximum automatic extension of 17 days (14 days quarantine and 3 days to get home)
  • These benefits do not apply while quarantined in a hospital (if applicable), nor in the event of a serologic test that provided a positive result to COVID-19 antibodies.
  • Don’t need to return home within 10 days if a travel advisory is called while away.
  • Reimbursement of these benefits will occur after return to your province of residence, upon presentation of proof of a positive diagnosis to COVID-19 and upon presentation of the required receipts and proofs of payment.
  • These benefits are payable only once during the Policy Period.
  • In the event of a trip extension, the insurer reserves the right to decline extension of the rider.

Pricing Factors

Additional Medical / Surgical Treatment as a result of a Complication Travel Cancellation in Exceptional Circumstances
Additional Expenses for Travel, Meals & Accommodations as a result of a Complication Travel Delay and Loss of Baggage
Travel Companion Coordination – Additional Expenses Travel, Meals and Accommodations Emergency Medical Coverage related to Travel Activities
Accidental Death Accidental Death
Emergency Transportation / Medical Repatriation Repatriation of Mortal Remains
24 Hour – Emergency Medical Assistance Service and more… and much more…

Benefit Highlights

For a Full List of Benefits Click Here

Benefit Details
Overall Maximum:

Up to $5 Million

Accidental Death Benefit:

$25,000 if the death was a direct result of an accident

Emergency Medical Coverage:

For accidents, injury or sickness – coverage Includes ambulance transportation, hospital accommodation and care, diagnostic testing, physician and nursing services, surgery, medical supplies, equipment and medication

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions:

Covered if your condition meets the “stable and controlled” requirements of the plan you qualify under for all of those benefits

Emergency Return Home:

If your treating physician(s) insurance company’s medical advisor(s) recommends that you return home because/after of your emergency

Repatriation of Remains:

Return of remains if you should pass away while you are away.

Return of Companion:

If you are returned via emergency return home or repatriation benefit , we will return your travel companion if they are insured under the same company

Accidental Dental Coverage:

$1,000 CAD if you suffer an accidental blow to the mouth

Eye Treatment

Surgery or laser treatment as a result of a medical emergency up to $2,000 CAD

Vehicle Return:

Up to $2,000 charged by a commercial agency to bring your vehicle home.

Trip Break:

Trip break available on single trips with prior approval to return home for special events. You may return home once during your trip. If you don’t get prior approval, and you return home, your policy is automatically terminated, and you have no further coverage under that policy.

Emergency Round Trip:

For trips of 31 days or more

Covers the unexpected costs incurred for air transportation for a death or hospitalization of a family member or damage to your principal residence

Automatic Extension of Coverage:

Up to 72 hours if you have a delay beyond your control, like an accident, or vehicle breakdown.

If you are hospitalized beyond the expiry of your policy due to a medical emergency, your coverage will remain in force for the duration of your hospitalization and 72 hours after your release.

Please Note:

All benefits must be pre-approved by the insurance company by calling the phone number provided on the confirmation of insurance/Wallet Card provided upon the purchase of the policy.

In an emergency and prior to seeking medical assistance it is extremely important that you call the insurance company assistance centre phone number located on your wallet card before seeking treatment, or as soon as you are physically able.

Optional Exclusion Option:

An option that can be chosen for a lower premium to limit coverage for an Organ or Body System that you don’t want covered.

Policy Wording

The Policy Wording has a full explanation of the benefits available and the exclusions as they apply to all travelers.

We strongly recommend you take the time to read through it and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

The policy wording for this plan can be found under the policy documents section near the top of the page as well as the links below. We have linked each section to the specific page the the section starts on to make it easier for you.

  • Eligibility – Starts on page 2- Click Here
  • Types of Plans Offered – Starts on page 2 – Click Here
  • Extensions – Starts on page 7 – Click Here
  • Cancellation and Refunds – Starts on page 8 – Click Here
  • Benefits – Starts on page 4 – Click Here
  • Exclusions and Limitation – Starts on page 6 – Click Here
  • Coordination with Other Insurance – Starts on page 7 – Click Here
  • Claim information – Starts on page 8 – Click Here
  • General Provisions – Starts on page 7 – Click Here
  • Definitions – Starts on page 3 – Click Here

Premium in Canadian Dollars

Read your policy and know what you have purchased before you depart on your trip.

This page contains only a consolidated and summary description of all current benefits, conditions, limitations and exclusions. A Policy Document containing the complete Policy Wording with all terms, conditions and exclusions will be included in the fulfillment kit.

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