FAQS about Travel Insurance

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FAQS about Travel Insurance
Q: If you come home early, do you get a refund for the number of days remaining in the policy?

A: Yes, provided that you supply proof of early return within the timeframe required by the policy.

Q: What happens if the insurance company denies a claim? Is there anything I can do to change their decision?

A: If you have additional information to send to the insurance company that they did not have when you submitted the claim, you can send an appeal letter. They will use that new information to re-evaluate their decision.

Q: Do policies for under 55-year-olds with no medical questionnaire still exist, or do you have to get a policy with a questionnaire for adequate coverage?

A: They still exist and offer good coverage.

Q: If your medical conditions do not change, why is an age bracket surcharge applied?

A: Insurance companies consider older people to be at a higher risk of having health issues while travelling. Your price will increase approximately every five years as you enter a higher age bracket.

Q: What if your age changes during your trip? Is it based on your age on the day of departure or the day you buy your policy?

A: Some companies consider your age at the date your purchase your policy, some consider your age at departure. Once you have your policy and are at your destination, your age will not affect your policy, even if you have a birthday.

Q: What expenses does your provincial healthcare plan cover outside of Canada?

A: Same as non-COVID: Whatever they would have paid had you had that same treatment within your home province.

Q: Will your rates increase for 2021 and if so when?

A: We have no idea what will happen for fall and winter travel in 2021, and it is too early to make a guess.

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