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Q: What is the relative cost between different companies that offer COVID coverage?

A: That question is difficult to answer because insurance companies price their rates based on your age, the destination, and any pre-existing medical conditions you might have. It is hard to say, but if you request a quote, we can provide you with multiple options and let you know the price and benefits for each.

Q: Do COVID plans include regular emergency medical coverage or just coverage for COVID?

A: We have plans that offer coverage for all emergency medical situations and some that only cover COVID, depending on what you need.

Q: Where on our policy does it indicate we have COVID coverage?

A: Most policies will have a rider attached that explicitly mentions COVID coverage. Some plans do not mention COVID coverage, but they will not include an exclusion related to travel advisories in their policy wording.

Q: Is the COVID coverage in Canadian or US dollars?

A: It depends on the insurance company. You can ask your broker when you are shopping for travel insurance. If you already have insurance, you can check your policy wording document for details.

Q: What about COVID coverage for long-term stays for seniors?

A: COVID plans that cover long-term stays for seniors have been available since September 2020.

Q: Is this coverage available even during a non-essential travel ban?

A: Yes, it took insurance companies a while to develop these policies, but they have been available since July 2020.

Q: Will our COVID coverage be affected if the Canadian travel advisory is elevated?

A: It all depends on how your policy is worded.

Q: Do you need travel and COVID insurance when travelling within Canada?

A: For the most part, COVID is covered by your Government Health Insurance Plan, but there are charges you could incur, such as if you become too sick to drive your car home, the insurance company would have it shipped back to your home.

Q: Does trip cancellation insurance cover COVID?

A: No. All companies in Canada consider COVID a known risk, and therefore it is not covered.

Q: Are you currently offering multi-trip annual plans that offer COVID coverage?

A: Yes, we have multi-trip annual plans that offer COVID coverage.

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