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Travel Insurance pays for shoulder reconstruction surgery in Thailand

My wife fell and broke her shoulder while we were in Phuket, Thailand. She required shoulder reconstruction at a Thai private hospital. Absolutely first class care.

We paid for it up front with a credit card and filed a claim once home. Absolutely no problems with the insurance company. They reimbursed us for all of our costs (doctor, hospital, surgery, physiotherapy) promptly after I filed our claim.

All in all a bad situation was made somewhat better because of the no hassle process with the insurer.

D. Coates, Nanaimo. BC

The Good News Club Presents: Bad news that turned out good

It is due to the wonderful help from Lori and staff at Medi-Quote that I got assistance in paying the hospital bill in full. My insurance company declined my claim for a hospital visit last December plus cancelled my policy. They said that I was taking more than two blood pressure medications. I contacted Lori, who then put me in touch with Stephen Zatylny in Ottawa who is CEO of Penfield insurance. After two to three weeks he and his assistant Crystal informed me that they had come to an agreement with the hospital.

The Good News Club Presents: Medi-Quote goes to bat for their clients

Last winter, while in Mesa, AZ,  I had stomach pains never before experienced, so I notified the insurance company, got confirmation, and went to the hospital.

It was found that it was simply a stomach cramp, possibly from food or the flu, and the pain disappeared soon after arriving at the hospital.

The hospital staff recommended an EKG and blood test which confirmed the diagnosis.  After a 2 to 3 hospital hour visit I went back to our condo in good health.

The Good News Club Presents: A True Story About Travel Cancellation Insurance

My wife and I recently had to cancel a trip we planned for a year as she broke her foot and under Doctors orders she couldn't bare weight.

We immediately contacted  Pam at Medi-Quote who gave us the phone number for the insurance company's claim office.

The individual who answered the phone at the insurance company was sympathetic to our dilemma. He then took the pertinent information from us without being intrusive. Upon receiving the required information, he gave us claim numbers and arranged for us to get claim forms.

The Broken Pelvis - A real life story about travel insurance

The following story was sent to us from a client after we had put out a call for positive stories about travel insurance in our annual newsletter. While positive stories about travel insurance are not uncommon, they aren't likely to end up on the evening news. Usually we only hear about times that things go wrong. We'd like to change this imbalance by sharing positive stories through the Good News Club. This story involves the type of accident that could happen to anybody, and gives us a glimpse into what it's like when travel insurance has your back.

What's your Story? Client experiences and testimonials

What's your story - client experiences and testimonials

Over the past year we've been collecting stories about your experiences with travel insurance and publishing those in our monthly newsletter. This year we are once again asking for your travel insurance stories as well as testimonials about your experiences with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers.

As a thanks for allowing us to publish your stories and testimonials, we will send you a gift card for helping us spread the word about your story.