Allianz Canadian Expatriate Insurance

Plan Highlights

  • Coverage available for Pre-Existing Conditions on Enhanced and Deluxe options.
  • Variable Sum Insured.
  • Lower Rates for Destinations that do not include USA
  • Uses a Monthly Rate instead of a Daily Rate


Factor Details
Options for Coverage Maximum: Standard: $100,000

Enhanced: $500,000

Deluxe: $2,000,000

Deductible Options: $500 saves you 5%

$1,000 saves you 10%

$5,000 saves you 30%

Deductibles apply per claim and will be indicated on your confirmation of coverage

Age Restrictions: Offers coverage for clients up to 69 years of age.
Refunds/Cancellations: There is a 10 day Right to Examine period. If cancelled during that time, the policy is refunded 100%. After that, cancellations are subject to a $10 administration fee, Partial refunds are charged a $25 administration fee – anything less than $10 is not refundable.



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Benefit Details
Repatriation of Remains: If you should pass away while travelling, we would cover expenses up to $10,000 to prepare and return remains to Canada or up to $4,000 for cremation/burial at place of death.
Emergency Medical Coverage: For any Emergency accident, injury or sickness up to the amount of insurance purchased. Benefits include: Includes semi-private Hospital Room and treatment required for your emergency up to the sum insured.
Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Coverage for pre-existing conditions is available if your condition meets the 365 days requirement and definition of Stable (see Policy Wording below)
Follow-up Visits: Out-patient services provided by a hospital only.
Emergency Return Home: Up to $5,000 will be paid for the additional cost of one-way economy transportation to your country of origin if you are permanently unable to perform basic activities of daily life or you require long-term chronic care – this benefit also includes one additional insured family member.
Accidental Dental Coverage: Between $3,000 to $5,000 (coverage amount varies between Standard, Enhanced and Deluxe options) if you should have an accidental blow to your mouth and require treatment. Up to $500 for the relief of acute Dental pain. Up to $500 will be reimbursed for dental surgical procedures where the underlying condition is not caused by an accident and which are medically required to be performed in a hospital.
Maternity: 80 % of cost incurred by the mother for pre-natal care, childbirth or miscarriage, related complications and routine new-born nursing care up to 14 days following birth up to maximum of Standard -$5,000, Enhanced- $10,000 and Deluxe- $25,000
Chiropractor, chiropodist, podiatrist, physiotherapist, naturopath, or acupuncturist: Up to per profession Standard -$500, Enhanced- $1,000 and Deluxe- $2,000
Physical Examinations: One per 12 month period
Eye Examinations: One per 12 month period for Deluxe and Enhanced options only
Vaccines: Up to $100 per 12 month period


Please note: All benefits must be pre-approved by the insurance company by calling the phone number provided on the confirmation of insurance/Wallet Card provided upon the purchase of the policy.


Policy Wording

  • The Policy Wording has a full explanation of the benefits available and the exclusions as they apply to all travelers.
  • We strongly recommend you take the time to read through it and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
  • The policy wording for this plan can be found under the policy documents section near the top of the page as well as the links below. We have linked each section to the specific page the the section starts on to make it easier for you.
  • Eligibility – Starts on page 5- Click Here
  • Types of Plans Offered – Starts on page 6 – Click Here
  • Beginning and End of Coverage – Starts on page 5 – Click Here
  • Cancellation and Refunds – Starts on page 26 – Click Here
  • Benefits – Starts on page 13 – Click Here
  • Exclusions and Limitation – Starts on page 18- Click Here
  • Coordination with Other Insurance – Starts on page 23 – Click Here
  • Claim information – Starts on page 27 – Click Here
  • Statutory Conditions – Starts on page 29 – Click Here
  • Definitions – Starts on page 6 – Click Here
  • Privacy – Starts on page 4 – Click Here


Underwritten by Underwritten by Allianz Global Assistance

Premium in Canadian Dollars

Read your policy and know what you have purchased before you depart on your trip.

This page contains only a consolidated and summary description of all current benefits, conditions, limitations and exclusions. A Policy Document containing the complete Policy Wording with all terms, conditions and exclusions will be included in the fulfillment kit.

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