How It Works


 Marketing to your Clients

  • If you would like a supply of our printed documents, please let us know.  We have the following:
  • Brochure – tells clients who we are and what we do;
  • Product Card – explains all the lines of business that we can assist them with;
  • Client Portal Card – explains how a client can get a quote online and access other features online;
  • Business Cards – All of our information in one succinct place;
  • Poster – to advertise your partnership with us to your clients and what we can do for them;


If you would like to order any of these, please call our Partner line.  The number is 1-855-953-7390.  This number gets you through to a representative quicker than our client line, but unfortunately it is only for our Partner’s use, so please do not give this number to your clients.

Referring Your Clients

There are numerous ways you can refer a client to us. 

Call Us

You can call us to let us know of your client and their contact details at 1-855-953-7390. 

Have Your Client Call Us

You can give your client a brochure/business card and they can call us (you would have to make sure they tell us they were referred by you!!!).  Our client number is 1-800-661-3098.

Automated (best option!!)

You can send the referral through our Broker Portal.  I can demo this system for you when you have a few minutes free anytime.  You can view the system at

Here is a list of all the things that the Broker Portal can do.  It allows users to:

  • send their referrals to us directly through our system for faster response time;
  • provide us with specific instructions for your clients, example:  urgent requests can be submitted and marked urgent and will be handled as such;
  • track quote status and policies online;
  • access confirmation documents of policies referred through the portal, so you have access to them if clients want you to supply them with copies of their fulfillment documents for their policy;
  • Administrators can manage your staff and their logins and passwords, as well as their access as they come and go;



  • Submit client and quote referral information online;
  • Track submitted quotes as well as policies issued;
  • Access policy confirmations and policy wording documents on issued policies;



  • Personal Information – update your password and other user and company details;
  • News – get our latest news when you click on this tab;
  • Manage Clients – search for and add client information to client records;
  • Request a Quote – enter trip information and special instructions that you would like the broker to know before your client is called;
  • Quotes Requests – track the status of your quote requests to see how the quote is progressing.  Has the client been called yet?  Has a quote been provided?  Has a policy been sold?
  • Policies – track the policies that have been sold by broker and access specific policy details about the policies issued by your agency;


So save the URL on your desktop……and have your browser save your user name and password, and you will have speedy access any time you need it!!

Your username and password will be assigned by Medi-Quote.

No matter how you refer your clients to us, once referred, that client will be marked as yours for the duration of their history with us.



We regularly do webinars for CE Credits and to ensure you have what you need to access our system and refer your clients accurately to maximize your sales potential.  Watch your email inbox for our partner newsletter.

After all, you see the value in building a fence around your clients to ensure your competitors don’t offer your clients benefits you can’t!!!