Travel Insurance Can Be Trickier than You Think...

The Perfect Partnership

Snowbird Insurance PolaroidDid you know we specialize in Travel and Medical Insurance and sell nothing but?

Did you know that you don’t have to be an expert on insurance for all your clients, we can help you?

Did you know that we specialize in finding coverage for people who have had complicated medical histories and cover them even if something happened related to their past illnesses or conditions?

Did you know that we are experts in a variety of unique products like:

  • Student coverage for students that go to school outside of Canada?
  • Visitors to Canada for people who are visiting or even moving to Canada?
  • Expatriate coverage for people who are living or working outside of Canada?

Did you know that by offering outstanding customer service to your clients and by having us as your partner you can make money?

Let Us Do The Work And Pay You

Check out some testimonials from some of our partners:

"Thank you for the excellent advice and service that Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers provides to our clients. Your ability to approach multiple insurance companies, assures us that our customers are receiving the best prodcut for the best price. And your hands-on approach of speaking directly with clients that may have compromised health histories provides peace of mind for us, know that there will be no uncomfortable surprises if the policy is called upon to respond to a claim. You and your staff are always very thorough and professional and we really appreciate that."

- Tim Friesen

Partner, Lakeview Insurance Brokers Ltd.

"Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers has proven to be a reliable travel insurance provider for BSI insurance Brokers. Referring all our non-basic travel needs (anything other than Blue Cross) to Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers has removed the need for extensive travel insurance expertise from our CSR's, while still providing our clients with the best travel insurance options available. we are able to refer our customers to a reputable organization that specializes in this line of business, they provide great customer service, and we retain good margins with significantly less E & O exposure."

- Sandy Bergen CAIB

Service Leader, BSI Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Avoid Making The Same Mistakes

Joe Jones* had a claim denial for answering his Medical Questionnaire incorrectly. Question was, “have you been diagnosed or treated for diabetes or glucose intolerance?” He stated NO. His Doctor had told him his blood sugars were a little high and that he would have to watch. But in his file, the Doctor wrote Glucose Intolerant. Unfortunately in this case the appeal did not get the decision overturned. It’s so important our clients know what is in their Doctor’s file.

A client of Medi-Quote Insurance had bronchitis 18 months prior to departure and was prescribed an inhaler but never filled the prescription. He never mentioned the inhaler. When he completed the Medical Questionnaire- it asked if ‘in the past 24 months he had been prescribed or used an inhaler?’ He answered NO. The client went to ER with chest pains and numbness and tingling in the fingers. $30,000 later he found out it was a pinched nerve and pulled muscle. Claim was denied as he did not complete the Medical Questionnaire properly. Fortunately the insurance company reversed their decision when the client came to us and we helped him with the appeals process.

Jessica Smith* had a claim denial for answering her Medical Questionnaire incorrectly. The Medical Questionnaire asked if ‘in the past four months she had been prescribed six or more medications?’ She answered NO. Fact is her doctor had changed some of her prescriptions. While they treated the same conditions (blood pressure and cholesterol), because they were a different type of medication each one counted as one prescription, so her total was more than six. Jessica was fortunate that after we (Medi- Quote Insurance) assisted the client with the appeals process the decision was overturned.

Everett Jones* purchased insurance for his climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. He was 55 years old and had a mild heart attack at 50. He was on high blood pressure medication since his heart attack and 30 days before his trip he had a dosage change due to recent weight loss from training for his climb. He didn’t disclose the dosage change on his Medical Questionnaire. While on the mountain he had a heart attack and was air lifted off the mountain and required medical treatment abroad. His claim was $129,000 and it was denied.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

When Do I call Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?

If my client:

  • Had recent Medical Issues (Medicine Prescribed, Taken Away OR Dosage Change)
  • Has A Long List Of Medical Issues
  • Had recent Investigative Testing
  • Has A Terminal Illness
  • Has had Heart Failure
  • Had Metastatic Cancer
  • Plans To Do Ostrich Riding Or Other Unusual Or High Speed Activities During Their Holiday

Just to name a few...

News Stories - Making Headlines

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The Travel Insurance Puzzle

We help you put all the pieces together:

  • Advice - We don't sell travel insurance, we help your clients buy it!
  • Best Value - Price is important but sacrificing coverage just doesn't pay.
  • Quality - Coverage and Customer Service for your clients.
  • Peace of Mind - Assisting your clients with travel insurance, every step of the way.

Build a Fence Around Your Clients with Us

Don’t let that sale walk out your door or lose your clients to your competition because you can’t assist them with their travel insurance needs.

We won’t compete with you on your core business because all we do is sell Travel and Medical Insurance.

Refer your clients to us when they are looking for travel and medical insurance that you aren’t equipped to handle.

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