Visitors to Canada Insurance Polaroid

This insurance is for tourists and temporary foreign workers travelling to Canada for up to one year. It is also good for new Canadians who are not yet eligible for provincial health care plans. Visitors to Canada Insurance is a requirement for the Government of Canada's new Super Visa program that helps immigrants bring their parents and grandparents to Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced a new Parent and Grandparent Visa to allow eligible parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens easier entry into Canada, called the SuperVisa. Visits of up to 2 years are allowable under the program.

As travel insurance brokers, Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers can help you to choose the coverage that will comply with the CIC's requirements and offer the best price. We offer numerous options that comply, so calling us is like making 5 calls!!! We do the shopping for you.

As part of the new program, applicants must provide proof they have purchased Canadian Health insurance Coverage. Stipulations of this insurance are:

    • The plan must cover health care, hospitalization and repatriation;
    • The Maximum payout must be $100,000 or more;
    • The policy must be valid for 365 days;
    • There must be a confirmation of insurance available for review by a port of entry officer;
    • The coverage must be continuous for 365 days, even if the applicant chooses to come and go from Canada, allowing them to return to their home country as many times as needed throughout the year;
    • No minimum deductible is required, and there are numerous deductibles to choose from, but we recommend a $0 to ensure the best protection (a deductible is the amount the applicant would have to pay out of pocket if they had a claim);
    • Refunds are available if the applicant is denied entry into Canada, or if they choose to leave the Country before one year;

Not all plans are created equally. Some plans do not provide coverage for currently treated medical problems, so you must carefully choose the plan that is right for you.

For full details of the requirements for the Super Visa, please review the Canadian Governments website by clicking the link below.