Health and Dental Polaroid

We at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers have offered travel medical insurance for many years. We now also offer you and your family peace of mind with coverage for right here at home.

Did you know that in 2011, Canadian households paid more than 4.6 billion dollars in out of pocket expenses for prescription medicine? In 2010, the average Canadian spent more than $1,623 on health care costs that were not covered by their Provincial Health Care plan, and that number has increased by over 30% from 2008.

Statistics show that as people age, their health care costs will increase.  Many employers are either considering eliminating post-retirement benefits, or have done so already.  If you are retired, self-employed, unemployed or working part-time, it is quite likely you do not have a health benefit plan.

We offer all levels of coverage, from basic to comprehensive, through a variety of insurance providers, to meet your individual needs.  These health plans are designed to bridge the gap between your provincial health plan coverage, and the costs which Canadian families incur.  In addition, most plans also entitle you to a wealth of savings on other health related products and services, at no additional cost. 

Our team of professionals is available to assist in reviewing your personal needs, and will recommend solutions for your supplementary health coverage.

Please call or email us today and ask how one of these products can help you avoid being burdened with unnecessary medical costs.