Expatriate Insurance Polaroid

We have insurance options for Canadians living, working or studying outside of Canada or who have recently returned to Canada and are either awaiting or no longer eligible for coverage under a government health insurance plan. Expatriates have very unique benefit needs based on their situation, and we have a number of coverage options available to suit these.

Much like standard travel emergency medical plans, Expatriate insurance is intended to cover unexpected and unforeseeable circumstances. Unexpected medical treatment is one of the most expensive costs you can incur while living abroad. However, unlike most travel insurance plans which will repatriate you home when continued care is required, these plans are tailored to provide continuing benefits while you remain at your destination.

We have plans that offer the following:

  • Numerous maximum coverage options ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000;
  • Reduced premium for Non-USA travel;
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions;
  • A wide range of Deductible options