Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary Terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your client portal account will allow you to see current and past policy information such as policy number, dates covered, assistance centre phone number and the premium amount.

Give us a call and we would be happy to book you an appointment with one of our brokers in Winnipeg or Calgary.

Extending coverage after departure is done at the discretion of the insurance provider. If you do wish to extend your coverage, give us a call and we will make the request to the insurance company on your behalf.

Normally, the only time an insurance company would deny a request, is if you have a claim during your trip. But you can call us anyway, and we will see what we can do.  It is always a good idea to book all the days you believe you will need in advance of your trip, and save extensions for when something unexpected comes up

If you return to your province of residence early, and have unused days left on your insurance you may be eligible for an Early Return Refund. We will require proof of early return, which is some form of documentation that you have entered the country, and on what day. A common form of early return proof would be a credit card receipt obtained after crossing the border, or a boarding pass.  Note: We are unable to provide refunds under $20.

You can cancel a policy for a full refund, no questions asked, as long as the period of coverage has not started.

If your health or medications change before you depart, your coverage may be affected. A change in your health at any time during your travels may also affect your coverage for that condition. Please call us to discuss how your policy and coverage might be affected!

Please read your policy booklet and know the benefits, exclusions and limitations included. We do our best to inform our clients on as many important details as possible, but it is imperative to ensure you are well-informed before you travel.  Some insurance policy workings are written in a way that is difficult for the consumer to fully understand and interpret.  If you have a question about what’s written in the policy, call us!

Yes, a government health insurance plan from your province of residence is a prerequisite for travel insurance coverage. For people who have lapsed provincial healthcare, they may be eligible for expatriates insurance.

We have an office in Winnipeg and one in Calgary. See our contact page for address information.

Our brokers are not commissioned sales people. We have one goal, and that's to work together as a team to provide the same great service to everyone regardless of their premium amount.

It’s important to do your research by examining the policies of many different providers. An independent insurance broker, such as Snowbird Medi-Quote/Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers, can do this for you to find the best option for your needs.

We are able to book your travel insurance 6 months before your departure date.

It varies by province. But generally the limit is 6 months away. Some provinces now allow 7 months away. Provincial government healthcare is a prerequisite for regular travel medical insurance coverage.

-        We can send your insurance fulfillment package by mail, fax or Email.

We are licensed in the five Westernmost Canadian Provinces: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. We hope to add more provinces and territories soon.

  • Medical Conditions - We advise you to divulge all medical conditions, no matter how small they may seem. Even conditions not mentioned on medical questionnaires matter.
  • Past history – It may seem like a long time ago, but a past medical condition, or procedure can limit the plans you qualify for.
  • Medical Testing – If you are waiting for tests or results from testing, let us know.
  • Medications - Let us know about all medications you are taking – anything that has been prescribed by a doctor could count towards the total number of medications taken. Some plans have a maximum number of medications allowed to qualify.

We have online medical questionnaires which are by far the quickest and easiest method. We can mail a paper copy of the application as well as email or fax a copy.

We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as cheques. We will also accept cash payments if you are paying in person at one of our offices.

If you have paid for your policies, any changes in price will not affect you. A common way to save money on travel insurance is to purchase your insurance during the late summer and early fall before prices go up.

In the event of a claim, the insurance company will compare your medical questionnaire against the information in your doctor’s records. If the information in your doctor’s records conflict with the answers given on the questionnaire, it could make your policy null and void.

It is never a good idea to lie on a medical questionnaire or to a broker to get cheaper insurance, if there is a claim against the insurance, the insurance company will find out.

  • If you are unsure about how to answer, you should take your questionnaire to your doctor.
  • Your doctor will be able to discuss your medical history with you, and you can request copies of your medical files.
  • Your broker can work on your behalf with the insurance company to get clarification on questions as well.

Prior to seeking medical assistance it is extremely important that you call the assistance centre phone number located on your wallet card as soon as you are physically able, or even before you leave for the hospital where time permits.

We take your medical history to qualify you against a number of plans, to find the best coverage and price. The medical questionnaire is used by the insurance company to determine how much to charge for your insurance, or if you are eligible at all for their plans.

Each medical questionnaire contains a declaration that the information you have provided is true. In this way, it acts as a contract between you and the insurance company.

Regrettably, we all know someone who has needed and benefited from having travel insurance. There are many kinds of medical emergencies including:

  • Car accidents
  • A trip or fall
  • The flu
  • A bad burn in the kitchen

Medical care outside Canada can be a very expensive. Provincial health care covers only a small portion of that cost. Obtaining insurance is a wise decision.

People aged 54 and under are not required to fill out medical questionnaires to obtain insurance. If you are 55 or older you will almost always be required to fill out a medical questionnaire before coverage can be obtained. There are some plans that allow short trips without a medical questionnaire.

This policy can differ from province to province. If you are planning on being outside for an extended period of time, 90 days or longer, it would be wise to you should contact your provincial healthcare provider to let them know.

It is a very important requirement of all travel insurance policies that you can provide proof of your departure as well as your scheduled return date.

Most insurance companies will ask for this information in the event of a claim during the adjudication process. This proof ensures you have fulfilled this requirement of your policy. All claims can be more paperwork than you would imagine, not just in travel insurance, but any claim under any insurance policy you may have.

If you have questions about this topic or you would like assistance understanding your claim forms, please contact us. We are here to help.