Supplementing Provincial Healthcare to Cover Ambulance Costs & More

If you do not have basic coverage for ambulance, you could face a large bill if you require ground or air ambulance services in the future. We can help you get basic health insurance that covers things that your provincial healthcare does not, such as ambulance coverage, for a low monthly rate. Our plans also feature useful benefits including out of country/province travel, emergency dental coverage, and more.

If you require additional coverage for prescription drugs or for dental, we can look at more comprehensive options as well. We have access to many plans from different insurance suppliers, so our brokers can find the insurance plan that is right for you and works for your budget.

There is no medical questionnaire required under the basic plan. The rates depend on province of residence and age, but the benefits stay the same.

For example: A 56 year old living in Alberta could get basic coverage for just $23.60 a month, $45 per month would cover a couple and $58 per month will cover a family. 

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