Have you tried our broker referral portal yet?


Our Broker Portal allows our broker partners to manage their client's information in our system.

To get your organization started using the broker portal, email partner@mediquote.ca.

Here is a list of all the things that the Broker Portal can do. 

It allows users to:

  • send referrals to us directly through our system
  • provide us with specific instructions for requests that go right into our system for immediate response
  • enter client travel information into the system and allow the system to choose the best product for the client
  • track quotes and policies online
  • access confirmation documents of policies referred through the portal, so you have access to them if clients want you to supply them with copies of their fulfillment documents for their policy

We have a sales functionality tool that also allows you to:

  • decide whether you wish to do your own quote for the client or refer that client to MQIB
  • prepare a quote with information received from your client
  • email quote for clients or print quotes to mail to clients
  • do client application forms online
  • sell policies through the system

About our Broker Portal:


  • Submit client and quote information online
  • Track submitted quotes as well as policies issued
  • Access policy confirmations and policy wording documents on issued policies


  • Edit your Personal Information – update your password and other personal details
  • Administrators - add/delete users within your organization to manage the people who have access to your account
  • News – get our latest news when you click on this tab
  • Manage Clients – search for and add client information to client records
  • Request a Quote – enter trip information and special instructions that you would like the Medi-Quote broker to know before your client is called
  • Quote Requests – track the status of your quote requests to see how the quote is progressing.  Has the client been called yet?  Has a quote been provided?  Has a policy been sold?
  • Policies – track the policies that have been sold by broker and access specific policy details about the policies issued by your agency

If you have the Sales Functionality you can also:

  • Request a Quote – actually input all the information from your client to get a price quote through the system
  • Medical Questionnaires – access and complete medical questionnaire forms for clients.
  • Quote Requests – Look up quotes and enter payments and issue policies

Screen shot of manage clients screen

(screenshot of policy screen, click to enlarge)

Screenshot of policy screen

(screenshot of policy screen, click to enlarge)