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We will be closed for on Monday for the Thanksgiving long weekend, but will be back on Tuesday the 15th for regular business hours. In the meantime, you can submit your information via our client portal and we will get in touch with you after the long weekend.

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Medi-Quote 20th Anniversary Alaska Cruise

Sorry, the deadline to sign up for this event has passed. Watch your email for future trips we are planning.

On October 16th, 2013 at 1:00 PM Central, 12:00 PM Mountain we will be holding another online seminar for educating Canadian snowbirds about travel insurance and how to do it right.

Travel insurance is a subject that gets a lot of coverage when things go wrong. Yet, many Snowbirds will travel this year with emergency medical insurance that isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

This presentation is designed to educate Snowbirds about where the potential pitfalls lie, and how to ask the right questions. These tips will help you get travel insurance that you can trust.

Clcik the link below to register for this event.

Some technical notes:The presentation does not require a webcam or a microphone. You will be able to listen to the audio through your computer speakers, and view the video through your computer browser. A small application will need to be downloaded at the beginning, you will be prompted to download only after clicking the link in your email to join. A reminder email will be sent one day and one hour before the presentation.

You can send questions to the presenter during the webinar, or you can send questions ahead of time to


October 1st is National Seniors Day in Canada and Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers are proud to pay tribute to seniors, and thank them for the valuable contributions they have made and continue to make, in our communities, workplaces, and families.

National Seniors Day, which coincides with the United Nations International Day of Older Persons, is an occasion for Canadians to celebrate and appreciate seniors.

Visit for ideas on celebrating seniors or to learn more about National Seniors Day, government services and benefits for seniors, or tips on staying active, engaged and informed.

We will be closed on Monday, Sept 2, 2013 for the Labour Day long weekend. We'll be open again Tuesday, September 3.


Have a great weekend!

MyMediquote, our client portal, has undergone a visual refresh, and is now easier to use and mobile friendly!

We’ve updated the graphics and user interface so that it looks and works great on any size screen. From phones and tablets to desktop computers, our portal will resize to fit your screen.

With our portal you can:

  • Edit your contact information
  • Update your medical history
  • Request quotes 
  • View your quotes
  • Access easy to use online medical questionnaires.
  • View your current and past policies

What is new?

  • We’ve made many user interface changes to make it easier to login and fill in forms.
  • We have updated the colours and graphical style.
  • Responsive design to work with phones and tablets.
  • We have added emergency contact numbers for each of your policies.

Try out for yourself


Our offices will be closed Monday, August 5th for Civic/Provincial Day... also know as August long weekend! We appologize for any inconvenience this causes. We will resume normal business hours Tuesday, August 6th.


After the terrible floods in Southern Alberta this summer, we at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers wanted to do our part to help the victims of the flood. Our Calgary team decided they would spend a day helping clean up the mess in High River, one of the places hardest hit by the flood. We have many clients and family in High River, so when given the opportunity to help Shirley, Wanda, Tera and Katie jumped at the chance to help.

Tera gives an account below of the experience and what it was like volunteering in the flood clean-up efforts.

We arrived to High River Volunteer Centre July 10,2013 – amazed at how well organized and how many supplies were donated and available to us.  They had everything we would need to ensure our safety, first aid care and food and water to get us energized. They took us to an area to show the map of where we would be going and then we attended the safety briefing. After signing a couple forms we were ready to get to work.

We were advised that Wallaceville just opened the day before; they were one of the hardest hit areas and needed our help.  After a short shuttle bus ride we arrived in our rubber boots, painters suits with shovels and pails in hand.  We met the co-ordinator of the area who explained to us what needed to be done and get us to our first unit to get started.

We began in a unit owned by a young man, who had his Mother there helping him – his Mother and Sister’s houses in High River were also devastated by the flood.  They had Firefighters from Slave Lake there the day before to help shovel out the mud – so what they needed was to tear out the walls (many of which covered in mould) and insulation two feet above the water line.   With a group of us, this work took not much more than 30 minutes.  We called in some help to go upstairs to haul out his fridge. You could smell the stench coming from it even though the doors were sealed shut with tape.  This wasn’t the end of the work to be done here, but all that we could help him with until Insurance Adjusters could arrive to assess things further.

We moved to our next unit, this one was vacant, as the owners hadn’t arrived yet.  The double garage was full of eight inches of mud that had started to dry – the clay like substance burying the items left in the garage. With a team of twelve people we began to shovel, it was heavy and stuck to our shovel. While our feet slipped on the floor beneath we worked for several hours to dig out items like antique cabinets, a washer, dryer and bikes.  Even though the owners weren’t there we know they would be appreciated that this mud was cleared out.

The next unit was by far the worst that we had seen.  The elderly owners had just arrived and opened the sealed garage.  The stench made your eyes burn and the odor came strongly through your mask causing you to gag.  The garage was full; growing with mould and within here was hundreds of dollars’ worth of pantry items and food supplies.  The elderly couple having a hard time believing that everything had to be disposed of, we convinced this was best for their health.  A large team of us began the clean out; the mud was about 10 inches deep and the consistency of thick gravy.   As we worked, the mud tried to pull our boots off, or had us sliding on it like a sheet of ice. We filled bin after bin of items that were now garbage, with only a few salvageable items that were placed on top of some tables.  The mud was shoveled out proving to be even more challenging than the clay-like substance. When we moved into the inside of the house, the mud covered the floor and the entire contents of the house had to be removed – either to be disposed of or set out to dry with hopes of being cleaned and restored.

Amidst the devastation on the faces of the home owners that broke your heart, the vision of the street of the area that was only one year old, now covered in thick dry mud and the stench in the air - we found a vibrant pink plant blossoming inside it’s mud-buried  boot planter that assumedly belonged to someone from somewhere in the area – giving us a sense that there is a glimmer of hope within all of this mess.

Our hearts go out to those who have to rebuild their lives and our thanks go out to the many emergency workers and volunteers that have showed our community  spirit, we are thankful we could be apart of it and do our part to help.


Q. How long have you been with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. 4.5 years

Q. What did you do before working at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. I worked in a Consulting Firm selling travel insurance, and prior to that I worked at Mutual Life for 10 years

Q. What is your favourite thing about working at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. I love the staff, the ability to be flexible, great working environment

Q. What is your hometown?
A. Kitchener, Ontario

Q. What are your hobbies or favourite pastimes?
A. I enjoy watching my children play their sports, going camping and boating, reading, and hanging out with family & friends

Q. What is your favourite vacation destination?
A. Cuba

Q. Which of our core values do you identify with the most?
A. Work with our clients to make sure that their current medical conditions are recorded in their client file and are used in consideration of the coverage that is best for them

Q. Which of our Value Propositions do you think is most important?
A. We Educate you in the important matters of travel and medical insurance and shop around for the best option for YOU - we don’t sell you travel insurance, we help you buy it;

Q. How long have you been with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. Since April 2011

Q. What did you do before working at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. I worked at 2 call centers in various role mostly in workforce management

Q. What is your favourite thing about working at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. Helping People

Q. What is your hometown?
A. Winnipeg/East St Paul

Q. What are your hobbies or favourite pastimes?
A. Watching Hockey and Football, playing video games, watching movies, Sleeping and eating

Q. What is your favourite vacation destination?
A. Vancouver

Q. Do you have a positive memorable client moment at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers?
A. Yes multiple, where clients have thanked me for making a the process of getting coverage easy while still giveing them peace of mind.

Q. Which of our core values do you identify with the most?
A. Always consider the perpective of others

Q. Which of our Value Propositions do you think is most important?
A. Educate