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I'd like to pass on to Medi-Quote an endorsement from my wife and myself for the services of GMS as a trip cancellation insurer. My wife and I were scheduled to take a trip to Israel in January 2017 and two weeks before we were to leave she fell on ice and broke her arm, requiring surgery and thus cancellation of the trip

We had taken trip cancellation insurance through GMS. After I gathered the required information to submit a claim, I mailed my package on March 2nd, and they approved the claim, printed the cheque and mailed it by March 8th. Not only that, but they took my word for the amount of refund we are to get from the airline (which has been credited back to our credit card) and I did not need to send proof of the amount to GMS.

We are very impressed with the service of GMS and will certainly be pleased to use them again when we need trip insurance. 


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Our grand prize winner is:

East Cape RV Park. Los Barrilies, Sur California Baja submitted by Myron S. Congratulations!

The Grand prize winner will receive a $200 USD Visa Gift Card, plus some other great prizes from Manulife including an electric toothbrush, some headphones and a bluetooth speaker. The winner will also get loads of goodies from Med-Quote to hand out at their park.

The Runner up is:

Mountain View Mobile Park, Apache Junction AZ submitted by Elizabeth N!

The Runner up prize winner will receive a $100 USD Visa Gift Card,  as well as a set of headphones and a bluetooth speaker from Manulife.

The 4 honourable mention winners are:

  • Outdoor Resort - Cathedral City CA submitted by Trish H.
  • Superstition Buttes, 301 S. signal Butte, Apache Junction, Az submitted by Vicki S.
  • Westwind RV & Golf Resort, Yuma AZ submitted by Debbie D.
  • Westwind Golf & RV. Yuma AZ submitted by Pat V.

4 honourable mentions will receive $50 USD Visa Gift cards


Grand prize winner of best snowbird RV park





It is due to the wonderful help from Lori and staff at Medi-Quote that I got assistance in paying the hospital bill in full. My insurance company declined my claim for a hospital visit last December plus cancelled my policy. They said that I was taking more than two blood pressure medications. I contacted Lori, who then put me in touch with Stephen Zatylny in Ottawa who is CEO of Penfield insurance. After two to three weeks he and his assistant Crystal informed me that they had come to an agreement with the hospital. I cannot thank these people enough for the assistance and encouragement to get this cleared up for me. They saved us a lot of money. The hospital bill for three days alone was over $22,000 US. Lori at Med-Quote insurance then found me another insurance company to cover me for the rest of the season.

Thank-you again.

I have now received confirmation that the account to the hospital paid in full.

Name withheld

We are very sorry to clients who called us over Christmas break and did not receive a response. Our voicemail was not changed to reflect that our office was closed on December 26th and December 27th. We are doing our best to promptly call back everyone who left voicemail messages since Friday.




Last winter, while in Mesa, AZ,  I had stomach pains never before experienced, so I notified the insurance company, got confirmation, and went to the hospital.

It was found that it was simply a stomach cramp, possibly from food or the flu, and the pain disappeared soon after arriving at the hospital.

The hospital staff recommended an EKG and blood test which confirmed the diagnosis.  After a 2 to 3 hospital hour visit I went back to our condo in good health.

The hospital bill was around $3,400US, but my insurance company denied the claim siting non-disclosure of a pre-existing condition.  I had answered “No” to “… a vascular condition”, but I had a prescription for compression stockings for a varicose vein recorded in my medical records.

Medi-Quote took the initiative and further researched the issue and found that at the time that I applied for coverage, the insurance company did not consider varicose veins as a reportable vascular condition. It was later in the year that they changed their policy. 

My claim was then allowed and paid for by my insurance.

The emphasis of this story is that people should choose carefully when selecting an insurance broker, and solicit their assistance in person or while on the phone when completing their health questionnaire and fully understand the policy wording.

Thank you Medi-Quote; I recommend you to everyone I know.

Best wishes for the Season,

Bill M

Our Medi-Quote Story

Our story begins in September of 2012. My husband had a serious paralyzing stroke and was rushed to the hospital, was treated, recovered remarkably and was released less than 48 hours later. It was a very scary near death experience but with wonder drugs he had a full recovery.

We have a home in Phoenix and the thought of travelling without medical insurance was a risk we would not take. We personally knew of a couple that had an emergency heart surgery incident while travelling through USA and their story was horrifying. They thought they had insurance, but found out that they had a medical bill of over $100,000.00 to pay. We purchased our travel insurance from Medi-Quote and they were willing to accept all our medical information and reassured us of medical coverage knowing the details of my husband's experience.

We went back to Phoenix in November and on December 26th my husband got out of bed in the morning and we knew something was seriously wrong. Within minutes we determined these were the symptoms of another stroke. I phoned the assistance company on our wallet cards and they gave me instructions to seek medical help immediately.  I drove him to the nearest emergency hospital within 15 minutes and he was taken in and assessed. About 20 minutes later the staff informed me they needed to fly him to downtown Phoenix to the heart and stroke specialists.

I felt so alone, not knowing where he was going and how to take care of all the details for the moment. Within minutes the medical staff was in touch with assistance company and I was assured all was taken care of. I found my husband later in the day at St Joseph's hospital in downtown Phoenix, his condition had stabilized and was going through a series of tests. Our concern was again the cost of all this, but the hospital assured us they were in touch with the insurance company and all was well. 

My husband was released on a Saturday after only two days. On Monday morning a phone call came from the insurance company. We were expecting we would have to leave for Canada and now we knew we had 48 hours to be on our way. We were offered plane tickets and transfers to get home and were offered to have our vehicle shipped home. We chose to drive, but were told to keep track of all receipts of meals, gas and hotels and out of pocket medical prescriptions. We were reimbursed within a few weeks, very generously. 

When we saw the copies of the medical bills from Phoenix and the medical helicopter ride we were so grateful to have purchased from Medi-Quote after having saved many thousands of dollars.
When back in Canada, our medical doctor discovered that the strokes were caused by a heart problem that was corrected by surgery shortly after our return.

We appreciated the interest and concern and the manner in which our situation was handled by Medi-Quote and the insurance provider.

L. Heringer

My wife and I recently had to cancel a trip we planned for a year as she broke her foot and under Doctors orders she couldn't bare weight.

We immediately contacted  Pam at Medi-Quote who gave us the phone number for the insurance company's claim office.

The individual who answered the phone at the insurance company was sympathetic to our dilemma. He then took the pertinent information from us without being intrusive. Upon receiving the required information, he gave us claim numbers and arranged for us to get claim forms.

We completed the forms, had some medical form completed by my wife's attending physician and sent them in with relevant documents with respect to the money that the cancellation cost us.

This morning my wife asked when do you think we will hear from the insurance company, expecting them to ask for more information in order to delay our claim. She was a bit pessimistic based on problems others had in making insurance claims. I laughed at her skepticism and told her to stop worrying and that it was to early for a review of our claim to be completed.

Guess what, when I brought the mail in this morning there was a response from the insurance company. It was payment of our complete claim. All this happened in less then 3 weeks  

Thank you Medi-Quote for placing my insurance with a first class company


E. Winters

The following story was sent to us from a client after we had put out a call for positive stories about travel insurance in our annual newsletter. While positive stories about travel insurance are not uncommon, they aren't likely to end up on the evening news. Usually we only hear about times that things go wrong. We'd like to change this imbalance by sharing positive stories through the Good News Club. This story involves the type of accident that could happen to anybody, and gives us a glimpse into what it's like when travel insurance has your back.

If you have a story of your own you'd like to share please email, and if we use your story, we'll send you some thank you gifts in exchange for your story.


The Broken Pelvis

Although this happened a number of years ago, it is a good news experience with our travel insurance.

My husband was helping out a neighbour mend his trailer roof and upon descending, he slipped and fell off the ladder, landing on his hip pocket where he had his chisel. He was in a lot of pain and we decided he needed to go to the hospital. We headed out, not thinking of the insurance implications.

While at the hospital, while the husband was having tests, I called the insurance company. That year, we were covered by a company out of Montreal. They were so sympathetic and understanding and gave me a claim number. This number was presented to the hospital administration.

Turns out, the husband had fractured his pelvis and ended up in traction.

That night, I received a call at the trailer from the insurance company. Lord knows what time it was in Quebec. It was late in California, after hospital visiting hours. They asked about my husband’s condition and reassured me about his coverage. It was so nice to have someone caring about my situation, because at that time I was feeling pretty alone, in spite of all the support from friends in our camping park.

My husband was three days in hospital, in traction. He was stable and his life was not threatened in any way, so the insurance company decided to fly him home to Canada. Now, this was a bit of a problem because what do we do with our truck and trailer? And what about our little dog? And what do we do once we’re home, with no vehicle?

The insurance company was willing to pay to have someone else drive the rig home and the medi-flight would include me, but not the dog. (We found afterwards that they probably would have taken the dog, too). But we chose to have me drive the rig home with our dog, all expenses covered, including gas, food and motels. I kept all the receipts and submitted them to the insurance company for a full refund.

As well, I never saw any bills from the hospital. I did receive a bill from someone, but after calling the insurance company, they assured me they had a copy of that bill already and for me to disregard it.

Husband recovered nicely and we are still travelling south every winter, insured through the same broker, if not the same company. We didn’t see any appreciable increase in our rates the next year.

I have recommended this broker to many, many people and have related this same story many, many times. I would never travel south without insurance just because you never know what might happen, like falling off a ladder.  I’ve also heard many insurance horror stories and am so glad we were insured with Medi-Quote.

Jackie and Brian Stroud

Our goal at Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers is to make sure Canada Post's potential service disruption has minimal impacts on the services we provide to our customers.  According to a statement made by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, as of July 2, Canada Post will be in a legal position to lock out its postal workers; and postal workers will be in a legal position to strike.

While the decision is yet to be determined, in the event of a mail service disruption, we want to make sure you have what you need to take with you on your trip.  

As always, you can opt to have your policy documents delivered in one of the following ways other than mail:

1)Via email – ask your broker!

2)Via our Client Portal.  Click here to go to our login page.

No email or printer?  No problem!  The minimum information you need to take with you on your trip is your policy number and the phone number to the insurance company so you can report your claim.  You can write this on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet.  The insurance company will look up the rest!

Not comfortable with any of those?  You can always have the documents sent by courier to your home.  Unfortunately, there is a charge for that service!  While we don’t feel it is absolutely necessary to have all your documents printed when you are in a pinch, if you feel better with all of your documents in hand, you might feel that charge is worth it.  Ask your broker for a price for that.

We will do what we can if there is a postal disruption.  We appreciate your patronage.

When it comes to travel insurance and pre-existing conditions, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about how pre-existing conditions are not covered at all. Sometimes people incorrectly assume that their existing conditions would not be covered by a policy. However, most of the time pre-existing conditions will be covered, as long as you disclose the condition to your broker so you are put on the proper plan, and the condition meets the plan's stability criteria.

What is stability?

Stability refers to the requirement of a policy, that there be no changes in a medical condition for a period of time. A change means a change in treatment or symptoms, including:

  • Being hospitalized;
  • Being put on a new medication;
  • An increase in a prescribed medication dosage;
  • Reducing or coming off a prescribed medication;
  • A flare-up, or worsening of symptoms.

Coming off a medication or having your dosage reduced is considered a change in stability even if it seems counter-intuitive

People are often surprised to learn that a reduction in dosage or being taken off a medication altogether is considered a change in stability. The reason is that you won't know right away what effect coming off a medication will have. It may mean your condition worsens, but you won't know until some time passes.

Coverage is available for conditions with as little as 7 days of stability

Different providers and plans have different requirements to qualify. A certain condition with 12 months of stability may qualify for a less expensive plan than the same condition with only three months of stability. For people with very recent stability changes, we offer a 7 day stability buy-down. Meaning, that as long as your condition and the treatment of that condition hasn't changed for 7 days before departure, your condition will be considered stable.

Medical testing affects stability

If you've had medical tests and are awaiting results, that is considered not stable. If you have tests scheduled, it's the same, you would not be considered stable.  If your doctor has told you that you will need testing, but no test have been scheduled yet, that may or may not be considered stable, depending on the insurance company. It can be complicated, so just let us know what is going on and we'll let you know what it all means.

Your doctor is not a travel insurance broker

If your doctor says something will or won't affect your travel insurance, take it with a grain of salt. They are not experts in insurance. Trust your doctor for medical advice, but leave the interpretations about the insurance side of things to us!

Track your medical changes, exact dates are very helpful

Knowing the exact date that a change was made can make getting on the right plan easier. And even though it may cost more, getting the right insurance can save you a lot of money in the long run. Keep track of your doctor's visits and whether you have changes to medications and other treatments. You can use our client portal at to track these changes in your medical history. And when it comes time to quote your travel insurance we'll have the exact information because you've updated the information as it happened.

Don't put off doctor's visits

Go to the doctor now. If you've got travel coming up, give yourself plenty of lead time in case any medication adjustments are made. You'll have more time between the change and your departure date, which means a longer period of stability. Don't avoid the doctor for fear a change will affect your travel insurance costs negatively. Your health is the most important thing you have!