Good News Club - Trip cancellation coverage that comes through

I'd like to pass on to Medi-Quote an endorsement from my wife and myself for the services of GMS as a trip cancellation insurer. My wife and I were scheduled to take a trip to Israel in January 2017 and two weeks before we were to leave she fell on ice and broke her arm, requiring surgery and thus cancellation of the trip

We had taken trip cancellation insurance through GMS. After I gathered the required information to submit a claim, I mailed my package on March 2nd, and they approved the claim, printed the cheque and mailed it by March 8th. Not only that, but they took my word for the amount of refund we are to get from the airline (which has been credited back to our credit card) and I did not need to send proof of the amount to GMS.

We are very impressed with the service of GMS and will certainly be pleased to use them again when we need trip insurance.