The Good News Club Presents: Bad news that turned out good

It is due to the wonderful help from Lori and staff at Medi-Quote that I got assistance in paying the hospital bill in full. My insurance company declined my claim for a hospital visit last December plus cancelled my policy. They said that I was taking more than two blood pressure medications. I contacted Lori, who then put me in touch with Stephen Zatylny in Ottawa who is CEO of Penfield insurance. After two to three weeks he and his assistant Crystal informed me that they had come to an agreement with the hospital. I cannot thank these people enough for the assistance and encouragement to get this cleared up for me. They saved us a lot of money. The hospital bill for three days alone was over $22,000 US. Lori at Med-Quote insurance then found me another insurance company to cover me for the rest of the season.

Thank-you again.

I have now received confirmation that the account to the hospital paid in full.

Name withheld