The Good News Club Presents: Medi-Quote goes to bat for their clients

Last winter, while in Mesa, AZ,  I had stomach pains never before experienced, so I notified the insurance company, got confirmation, and went to the hospital.

It was found that it was simply a stomach cramp, possibly from food or the flu, and the pain disappeared soon after arriving at the hospital.

The hospital staff recommended an EKG and blood test which confirmed the diagnosis.  After a 2 to 3 hospital hour visit I went back to our condo in good health.

The hospital bill was around $3,400US, but my insurance company denied the claim siting non-disclosure of a pre-existing condition.  I had answered “No” to “… a vascular condition”, but I had a prescription for compression stockings for a varicose vein recorded in my medical records.

Medi-Quote took the initiative and further researched the issue and found that at the time that I applied for coverage, the insurance company did not consider varicose veins as a reportable vascular condition. It was later in the year that they changed their policy. 

My claim was then allowed and paid for by my insurance.

The emphasis of this story is that people should choose carefully when selecting an insurance broker, and solicit their assistance in person or while on the phone when completing their health questionnaire and fully understand the policy wording.

Thank you Medi-Quote; I recommend you to everyone I know.

Best wishes for the Season,

Bill M