The Good News Club Presents: Our Medi-Quote Story

Our Medi-Quote Story

Our story begins in September of 2012. My husband had a serious paralyzing stroke and was rushed to the hospital, was treated, recovered remarkably and was released less than 48 hours later. It was a very scary near death experience but with wonder drugs he had a full recovery.

We have a home in Phoenix and the thought of travelling without medical insurance was a risk we would not take. We personally knew of a couple that had an emergency heart surgery incident while travelling through USA and their story was horrifying. They thought they had insurance, but found out that they had a medical bill of over $100,000.00 to pay. We purchased our travel insurance from Medi-Quote and they were willing to accept all our medical information and reassured us of medical coverage knowing the details of my husband's experience.

We went back to Phoenix in November and on December 26th my husband got out of bed in the morning and we knew something was seriously wrong. Within minutes we determined these were the symptoms of another stroke. I phoned the assistance company on our wallet cards and they gave me instructions to seek medical help immediately.  I drove him to the nearest emergency hospital within 15 minutes and he was taken in and assessed. About 20 minutes later the staff informed me they needed to fly him to downtown Phoenix to the heart and stroke specialists.

I felt so alone, not knowing where he was going and how to take care of all the details for the moment. Within minutes the medical staff was in touch with assistance company and I was assured all was taken care of. I found my husband later in the day at St Joseph's hospital in downtown Phoenix, his condition had stabilized and was going through a series of tests. Our concern was again the cost of all this, but the hospital assured us they were in touch with the insurance company and all was well. 

My husband was released on a Saturday after only two days. On Monday morning a phone call came from the insurance company. We were expecting we would have to leave for Canada and now we knew we had 48 hours to be on our way. We were offered plane tickets and transfers to get home and were offered to have our vehicle shipped home. We chose to drive, but were told to keep track of all receipts of meals, gas and hotels and out of pocket medical prescriptions. We were reimbursed within a few weeks, very generously. 

When we saw the copies of the medical bills from Phoenix and the medical helicopter ride we were so grateful to have purchased from Medi-Quote after having saved many thousands of dollars.
When back in Canada, our medical doctor discovered that the strokes were caused by a heart problem that was corrected by surgery shortly after our return.

We appreciated the interest and concern and the manner in which our situation was handled by Medi-Quote and the insurance provider.

L. Heringer