The Good News Club Presents: A True Story About Travel Cancellation Insurance

My wife and I recently had to cancel a trip we planned for a year as she broke her foot and under Doctors orders she couldn't bare weight.

We immediately contacted  Pam at Medi-Quote who gave us the phone number for the insurance company's claim office.

The individual who answered the phone at the insurance company was sympathetic to our dilemma. He then took the pertinent information from us without being intrusive. Upon receiving the required information, he gave us claim numbers and arranged for us to get claim forms.

We completed the forms, had some medical form completed by my wife's attending physician and sent them in with relevant documents with respect to the money that the cancellation cost us.

This morning my wife asked when do you think we will hear from the insurance company, expecting them to ask for more information in order to delay our claim. She was a bit pessimistic based on problems others had in making insurance claims. I laughed at her skepticism and told her to stop worrying and that it was to early for a review of our claim to be completed.

Guess what, when I brought the mail in this morning there was a response from the insurance company. It was payment of our complete claim. All this happened in less then 3 weeks  

Thank you Medi-Quote for placing my insurance with a first class company


E. Winters