The Broken Pelvis - A real life story about travel insurance

The following story was sent to us from a client after we had put out a call for positive stories about travel insurance in our annual newsletter. While positive stories about travel insurance are not uncommon, they aren't likely to end up on the evening news. Usually we only hear about times that things go wrong. We'd like to change this imbalance by sharing positive stories through the Good News Club. This story involves the type of accident that could happen to anybody, and gives us a glimpse into what it's like when travel insurance has your back.

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The Broken Pelvis

Although this happened a number of years ago, it is a good news experience with our travel insurance.

My husband was helping out a neighbour mend his trailer roof and upon descending, he slipped and fell off the ladder, landing on his hip pocket where he had his chisel. He was in a lot of pain and we decided he needed to go to the hospital. We headed out, not thinking of the insurance implications.

While at the hospital, while the husband was having tests, I called the insurance company. That year, we were covered by a company out of Montreal. They were so sympathetic and understanding and gave me a claim number. This number was presented to the hospital administration.

Turns out, the husband had fractured his pelvis and ended up in traction.

That night, I received a call at the trailer from the insurance company. Lord knows what time it was in Quebec. It was late in California, after hospital visiting hours. They asked about my husband’s condition and reassured me about his coverage. It was so nice to have someone caring about my situation, because at that time I was feeling pretty alone, in spite of all the support from friends in our camping park.

My husband was three days in hospital, in traction. He was stable and his life was not threatened in any way, so the insurance company decided to fly him home to Canada. Now, this was a bit of a problem because what do we do with our truck and trailer? And what about our little dog? And what do we do once we’re home, with no vehicle?

The insurance company was willing to pay to have someone else drive the rig home and the medi-flight would include me, but not the dog. (We found afterwards that they probably would have taken the dog, too). But we chose to have me drive the rig home with our dog, all expenses covered, including gas, food and motels. I kept all the receipts and submitted them to the insurance company for a full refund.

As well, I never saw any bills from the hospital. I did receive a bill from someone, but after calling the insurance company, they assured me they had a copy of that bill already and for me to disregard it.

Husband recovered nicely and we are still travelling south every winter, insured through the same broker, if not the same company. We didn’t see any appreciable increase in our rates the next year.

I have recommended this broker to many, many people and have related this same story many, many times. I would never travel south without insurance just because you never know what might happen, like falling off a ladder.  I’ve also heard many insurance horror stories and am so glad we were insured with Medi-Quote.

Jackie and Brian Stroud