How to use our newly updated Do-It-Yourself Quoter

Last year we unveiled our DIY ("Do-It-Yourself") quoter, which allowed you to enter your information online and have our system automatically find the best available price and coverage based on your answers. And over last few months we've worked on some improvements to make it even better. 

For people without any medical conditions, the process has been streamlined, with fewer questions to answer. And for those with more serious conditions, our system can handle a greater variety of health conditions, without the intervention of a broker. Even if you tried it last year with limited success, you should try it again this year. You can always save your quote and call our office to discuss any questions you may have about the quote with one of our qualified Brokers.

You can try the DIY quoter out yourself. Or watch the video presentation below that talks more about what makes our DIY quoter different and how to use it to get a quote.

Click here to go to the Client Portal to try the DIY quoter