2014 Arizona-Palm Springs Trip Review

Palm springs draw winner

The experience began with Lori's arrival in Palm Springs at 5:30 am on February 8, at the College of The Desert Marketplace.

Then Shirley and Sandy joined Lori in Mesa Arizona on Friday February 14th. We set up at the Mesa Marketplace at 8am and were greeting clients by 9:05 that same morning.

Many of you are fortunate to live in either Calgary or Winnipeg where we meet with you in our office. Many more of you were special voices for which we had a name but no face. What a pleasure it was for us to finally to put a face to the voice we hear year after year.

The next experience brought us to the Yuma marketplace on the following Thursday morning. Where we had the pleasure to meet and greet more of our clients once again. Some of you came to see us just to say hello. Some of you came with questions regarding policy coverage, but most of you were just as curious as we were as to what we looked like. The general consensus was that we looked just like we sounded. The one exception was a client that thought Shirley should have been tall with long black hair and be of Italian descent. Shirley was quick to respond that they’d have to be satisfied with a short curly haired woman of French/Irish descent.

 It was very much a treat to meet with those of you that live outside Winnipeg and Calgary.  We also had the pleasure of meeting many Canadians that we have not yet had a chance to offer the high level of customer service we strive to extend to all our clients. We hope to be hearing from them in the future as well.

The weather was a hot topic of conversation down south with Canada having unseasonably cold weather, while Arizona was experiencing record high winter temperatures. We can certainly see why you choose to spend your winters in a considerably warmer climate. We can't wait to retire and spend our winters with you, but then we wouldn't be there for your travel insurance needs. I guess we continue to stay in Canada for a while yet!

In the end, we were very proud to represent the Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers administrative and broker teams. With great regret, our Arizona experience came to a close much too soon. We wish to thank each and every one of you that made the effort and took the time to come out and meet with us.

Sincerely, from your brokers,

Sandy, Shirley and Lori



About the photos: From top to bottom

1st photo: Lori with A Hollicky of Calgary, AB won the draw for a dinner for two from Applebee's in Palm Springs/Palm Desert

2nd photo: Our booth protected us from sunburns in the markets.

3rd photo: Sandy and Shirley with our Mesa draw winners, G & D Ayotte of Winnipeg, MB

Last photo: Sandy and Shirley with our Yuma draw winner B Robideau of Grande Prairie, AB