Announcing the winners of the Best Snowbird RV Park Contest

To see the final contest results and all of the photos click here.

Our grand prize winner is:

East Cape RV Park. Los Barrilies, Sur California Baja submitted by Myron S. Congratulations!

The Grand prize winner will receive a $200 USD Visa Gift Card, plus some other great prizes from Manulife including an electric toothbrush, some headphones and a bluetooth speaker. The winner will also get loads of goodies from Med-Quote to hand out at their park.

The Runner up is:

Mountain View Mobile Park, Apache Junction AZ submitted by Elizabeth N!

The Runner up prize winner will receive a $100 USD Visa Gift Card,  as well as a set of headphones and a bluetooth speaker from Manulife.

The 4 honourable mention winners are:

  • Outdoor Resort - Cathedral City CA submitted by Trish H.
  • Superstition Buttes, 301 S. signal Butte, Apache Junction, Az submitted by Vicki S.
  • Westwind RV & Golf Resort, Yuma AZ submitted by Debbie D.
  • Westwind Golf & RV. Yuma AZ submitted by Pat V.

4 honourable mentions will receive $50 USD Visa Gift cards


Grand prize winner of best snowbird RV park