Wall of Fame

Wall of fame - thank you gifts and special recognition from clients

Welcome to the "Wall of Fame" - where we share our stories about clients giving special recognition to our brokers for their great customer service.


 Shirley receives a gift from a happy client. A clock that says it's 5 O'clock somewhere

When Shirley was down south in Arizona one year, she received this awesome clock from one of her client. It says "It's 5 o'clock somewhere", and all the numbers are replaced by 5s. She loved the gift and hung it up in her office when she got back.


Pam's clients love her

 Pam received this awesome gift of earrings from one of her satisfied clients. She is always excited to speak to her clients or meet them in person to prepare their travel insurance policies.


Andrea poses with a nice thank you letter from a client

Andrea recently received a very complimentary email from a client for "going above and beyond". We always strive for amazing customer service and are happy to hear about situations where customers recognize how much care and attention we take with them.


Wanda posing next to a wishing well that was given to her by her clients

Wanda impressed a client so much with her great customer service, that they gave her a gift of a beautiful wishing well! This awesome gift is now in her garden and reminds her of some of the wonderful people she gets to help as a broker.


Sandy receives a Christmas wreath from her client

One year for Christmas Sandy received an awesome Christmas wreath from her clients, the Hastmans, for her great work for them!