There are still some early bird rates available! Book your travel insurance before September 14th to get the lower rates


Our annual bird sale is on now!

If you are planning to travel this fall or or winter, you should book your travel insurance now before prices go up in the fall!.

As a travel insurance brokerage, we offer many different plans and providers, so there is more than one deadline when prices go up. The next deadline will be on September, 14th. As long as you get your quote well before that date, you'll know which plan is best for you, and what your deadline will be.

To help people take advantage of early bird pricing we offer a deferred payment plan. You can lock-in your prices with a $50 per applicant deposit (cheque only), you must also include cheques for the remainder of the cost of your policies post-dated for three weeks before your departure date. Many people find this system helps them get the lower price, while allowing them to pay for the bulk of their policy cost closer to when they travel.

There is no risk to booking early because you can cancel anytime before your policy starts for a full refund with no cancellation fees. 

If you are unsure of your exact travel dates, that's okay too. We can use approximate travel dates and you can contact us later to adjust your departure and return dates once you know for sure.

There are a number of ways to contact us for a quote. You can always call us at 1-800-661-3098 to speak to a experienced licensed broker over the phone. Or you can use our My Medi-Quote Client portal to either request a quote be prepared for you by a broker to review online, or you can use our DIY quoter that asks you a series of questions about your trip and medical information to automatically calculate which company and plan will get you the lowest price.

We have always specialized in Snowbirds and people with pre-existing medical conditions. Medical information can be complicated, so if you are a person who has ever dealt with serious medical conditions, that you contact us by phone and speak with a broker so they can ask all the questions that might come up as a result of your conditions.

The early bird sale is a big deal for us each year, and we always can't wait to help everyone get the coverage they need to travel with peace of mind, while also saving them money.