One more win for Medi-Quote on our Industry leading Client Portal

One more client portal win

In 2011 our client portal became the first client portal in the Canadian travel insurance industry,  and continues to be the most advanced. We are excited to share with you, our newest improvements to this platform.

Client portal Redesign screenshot loginclient portal dashboard

We have made updates to make it much easier to request a quote, fill out medical questionnaires, access policy information and more online!

 New functionality for the 2018 season:

  • New dashboard that makes it easier to see your quotes, policy information, and medical questionnaires all in one place
  • Easier to use Do-It-Yourself quote process
  • Improved design and navigation
  • You can now update your email subscription preferences
  • New Frequently Asked Questions section
  • Better experience on mobile devices
  • Plus we've made many more small improvements to make your experience using the portal much better!


If you are not familiar with our client portal, we would like to describe some of the features and what make it so useful.

Our client portal has different functions that are important during different stages of purchasing your insurance, as well as after you've purchased.

  • If you need to get travel insurance, you can request a quote on You can request for a broker to review your file and send a quote, or you can answer a series of questions and have our automated DIY (Do-It-Yourself) quoting system choose the best product for you based on your answers.
  • Once you have an existing quote, you can review the details of that quote, edit the quote, complete any required medical questionnaires and pay for your policies by credit card.
  • After you have your insurance, you can access your policy information, including confirmations and printable documents.
  • If you've returned home early, you can use our client portal to submit documents for an early return refund.


Advantages of our Do-It-Yourself Quoting System

The world is going online, and travel insurance is no different.  If you have ever spent time going on to websites to get travel insurance quotes you will already know that there are many different online quoting websites out there. You will also know that you can spend hours trying to get quotes for your travel insurance needs, but after investing hours and hours of time, you only feel more confused about what your best option is, not less confused!

If this sounds like you, you need to give our website a try. We recognized that problem and decided that we needed to do the seemingly impossible thing that no one else had been able to do. We took the process our brokers use to quote our clients over the phone, and made our system just as smart; so it can use the information collected to choose which option is the best option for our client.

That’s why, when you enter all your information into our online quoting system, the system only gives you back one option. It’s not because that is the only option available to you. It’s because it is the BEST option available to you. Best in terms of coverage and price as well as the best company.

It’s a bit of a lesson in patience and trust, but we believe that you will like the outcome.

If you haven’t used our online quoting system, or it’s been awhile since you tried it, perhaps it is worth another try. Our competitors make you sift through many options on plans and at the end of the process you don’t have enough information to make a proper choice. Our site asks all the questions it needs up front to pick the best insurance for you. What more could you ask for?!

Once you have your quote, you can always call our brokers and ask any questions you may have. It’s efficient for you as well as for us!

Try it today. We would love to hear your feedback.