Deferred Payment Option

Buy now, pay later with our deferred payment option

We realize you may not be travelling for quite a few months yet and you may not be prepared to pay for your travel insurance policies right now. That's why we offer a deferred payment option.

Our deferred payment plan allows you to lock in early bird rates while not paying in full until 3 weeks before your departure.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us for a quote by phone or by accessing the “MyMediQuote” Client Portal.
  2. Nail down your policy options and lock in your choice by sending two cheques for payment of your premium:
    1. An initial payment by cheque of $50 per person to lock in your policy;
    2. A second post-dated cheque for the rest of the premium, dated three weeks before your departure date.
  3. We will hold the balance of your payment until the date of the second cheque. You get the benefit of the early bird rates, and don’t have to pay until just before you leave!