Book a travel insurance speaker

Book a travel insurance speaker

Would you like to book a speaker to give a talk on travel insurance? Use the form below to get in contact with us, we will do our best to deliver an informative and interesting presentation on travel insurance to groups of any size.

Topics include:

  • Why travel insurance claims can be denied.
  • Tips for filling out medical questionnaires, tracking your medical history and dealing with doctors.
  • Ways to save money on your travel insurance.
  • What to look for when choosing a company and a broker.
  • Types of travel insurance and how they are different.
  • Plus much more.

Speaker Profile: Lori Yorke


Lori Yorke, Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers

Lori’s career in the health and group insurance industry began in 1991. She began her travel insurance career at the head office of a travel insurance supplier in 2001, assisting in the development and management of travel insurance products. Lori joined Snowbird Medi-Quote/Medi-Quote Insurance as a broker in May of 2005 and subsequently took over as owner/manager later that year.



"During the presentation, in the course of the question and answer period, members were answered in a factual, intelligent and non condescending manner. In a word: Lori knows her stuff."

- City of Winnipeg Retirees Association, Fall 2015 Publication

"Your reprehensive Lori Yorke made a presentation to the City of Winnipeg retirees this past May and did an excellent job."

- From a client survey

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