Arizona and Palm Desert 2015

Arizona 2015

Every year we travel south to take up stalls at markets where a lot of Canadian Snowbirds congregate. This February we will again be visiting old clients and meeting potential new clients in Palm Springs, Mesa and Yuma,

  • Palm Springs/ Palm Desert - February 7th to 9th at the College of the Desert Street Fair Palm Desert, California.
  • Mesa - February 13th to 15th at the Mesa Marketplace in Mesa, Arizona ****We are at Spot D116*****
  • Yuma - February 19th to 22nd at the AZ Marketplace in Yuma, Arizona *Spot number will be updated on Feb 19*

If you are planning on visiting us, please take a moment to complete our RSVP form. It helps us know who to expect and when making sure we have enough free goodies for everyone who comes. RSVP'ing also ensures we know to email you our stall number, as we won't know where in the market's we'll be until we show up.

Note: We will also be willing to give presentations about travel insurance or our Galapagos trip at campgrounds, RV parks, community spaces or wherever you can host us. Let us know how many people, when, and where you'd like to do it, and we'll do our best to get that organized. There is a space on the RSVP form for those interested in this offer.


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Use this area to include any comments or questions, including inquiries for those wishing to host a presentation.
We would be happy to visit your RV park or other place where a few people can be gathered to give a presentation about travel insurance. We will contact you at the address provided and try to set something up.