5 Benefits Of Using A Travel Insurance Broker

5 benefits of using a broker

Why should you and your snowbird friends deal with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers for your travel insurance needs? We still offer the same benefits of being independent travel insurance brokers, which include:

  1.  Access to numerous quality travel insurance programs at fair prices. We also have some new programs this year... One call is all you need to get the best option available to you and to ensure all your pre-existing conditions are covered.
  2. The internet offers information; we offer knowledge and expertise to ensure the policy you buy is the best one for your needs. Our job is to make sure you have the best value for your money while providing the most suitable coverage for your specific situation.
  3. We maintain your health information in our database and so all you need to do is update us annually with any changes to your health. This ensures you are appropriately covered for your particular medical conditions.
  4. We offer a No-Risk-No-Questions-Asked money back guarantee should you need to cancel your coverage prior to the effective date of your policy FOR ANY REASON.
  5. Early Return Refunds are available if you return home from your trip early and have unused days left on your coverage (subject to some conditions). Our plans offer coverage for single trip, multi-trip annual plans, top-ups on other insurer’s plans... PLUS... many of our annual plans include coverage for unlimited travel within Canada.